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    By Otim Nape

    Patrick Oboi Amuriat (POA), the new FDC president for the next 5 years, is going to find things running the show at Najjanankumbi pretty much easier than his predecessor Gen Muntu found it in 2012. That will be the case notwithstanding the ongoing storm in the party.

    Going by what has so far been parroted on social media, one thing comes out very clearly and that’s the fact that most Ugandans are simply very simplistic and rarely sophisticated. Because we have many media outlets that devote over 90% of their time and programming discussing politics, an impression has been created that political punditry is for every Tom, Dick & Harry!!!


    In today’s morning briefing, we submit that because he knows how hard it is to form a successful political party, Gen Muntu who has given a lot of his time and energy to FDC, will hang in there and won’t be announcing any departure at today’s press conference. We contend that the anger and frustration that has been exhibited so far can only be expected. Election defeat by its very own nature is a very emotional thing and it hurts even more when you lose to somebody you despised the way the Muntu Group treated POA. In the short term he/she who loses election will become emotionally broken and this quite often impairs proper judgement of situations but we are certain Muntu being Muntu, sanity will in the end prevail. People will once again in unison commit to pushing for Change under the umbrella the FDC’s One People One Uganda slogan. Of course all this will depend on how accomodatively triumphant POA treats his vanquished foes. Again this is where many of our band-wagoning social self-professed pundits blunder; making generalized sweeping statements based on guess work as opposed to proper interrogation of the situation at hand.


    POA isn’t Muntu. Neither is he a Besigye but he is far much more refined and decent than Nandala  Mafabi or even Rubaramira Ruranga who led the Muntu onslaught five years ago. This is the reason we didn’t experience the dirty campaign and the personal attacks the likes of Rubaramira, Sarah Eperu and Don Wanyama (yes the one who now works as M7 Press Secretary) orchestrated in 2012. They personally went after the Muntu going as far as disputing his Ugandan nationality. Yes its a team but the individual leader or candidate’s style and approach makes a very big difference to the way the campaign turns out. In 2012, the above mentioned trio only epitomized their candidate Nandala  Mafabi’s personal character and approach to the race and issues at hand. Being thin on eloquence and demagoguery, Nandala who was LoP at that time  prioritized physical confrontation as opposed to ideological contestation with the Muntu camp. These who attended the party’s candidates’ televised debate at WBS auditorium in Naguru remember how Nandala violently gestured and almost wrestled Muntu to the ground as opposed to engaging him intellectually.

    His demeanor and style had a lot to do with the chaos that reigned in the party after Namboole of 2012. A lot of time was wasted reconciling back the Nandala faction and this is something selfish actors like Rubaramira used to justify their defection back to NRM. POA is different. He is mature, more eloquent and tolerant than candidate Nandala. He is for meaningful reconciliation and has already extended an olive branch. He is politically sophisticated and full of humility (just like Muntu) unlike Nandala who arrogantly kept arguing “I’m more legitimate than Muntu the party president because I delivered all electoral seats for FDC in my Sironko district and he delivered non in Ntungamo.” Failure to replicate this feat five years later in 2016 partly explains why Nandala didn’t return to challenge Muntu in 2017. He feared to face hard questions of what happened (all FDC candidates lost except him in Sironko). What made it even worse for Gen Muntu between 2012 & 2017 is that he faced a hostile executive at Najjanankumbi. Most members of the party’s Top Management Committee-and NEC members elected shortly after his own ascendancy in 2012-were against him. They weren’t like-minded but there was sanity because he was a calm tolerant team player who exercised maximum restraint. You had national chairman Wasswa Birigwa, Buganda region vice president Joyce Sebugwawo, SG Nandala Mafabi, Mobilization Secretary Ingrid Turinawe, party publicist Semujju Nganda, Eastern region vice President Salaam Musumba and DSG Harold Kaija closely surrounding Muntu in top party meetings without adequately having trust in him. Along with LoP Winnie Kiiza and her predecessor Wafula Oguttu all these had previously supported Besigye against Gen Muntu but he courteously served with them for 5 years. This gave him the opportunity to inspire some of them like Semujju Nganda, who had previously supported Nandala, to see his good credentials and become his supporters. Joyce Sebugwawo previously backed Muntu against Nandala but remained a Besigyeist. The thing is though its possible they can love both Besigye and Muntu, they believed in defiance and up to this day, they have issues with Muntu’s values and almost vague approach that seeks to primarily prioritize party structures over and above any other thing. This divergence of opinion isn’t much of a problem, as Muntu rightly seemed to appreciate, because existence of sharp differences between the Cassablanca group of radicals (call it defiance) and Monrovia group of moderates didn’t prevent the African independence struggles against colonial rule from ultimate success. Muntu rightly believed the two tendencies must co-exist complimenting each other. This same group of top executives also had difficulties understanding why Muntu was keeping independent MPs like Gerald Karuhanga and Anita Among in juicy accountability committee positions at the expense of MPs who joined the 10th Parliament on the FDC ticket. POA is lucky because he is becoming party president at a time the SG Nandala, Party chairman Birigwa, Vice Presidents Salaam Musumba & Joyce Sebugwawo are all like-minded and actually supported him at Namboole. The DSG Kaija was his supporter just like Secretary Mobilization Ingrid Turinawe. In NEC, defiance adherents who are also Besigyeists that supported POA, numerically dominate. Even the two newly elected NEC members coming in to replace secretary labor relations Beatrice Anywar and secretary fundraising Anita Among are POA diehards namely Francis Mwijukye and Habib Buwembo the street fighter from Natete. The duo were elected on same day with POA at Namboole and they defeated Muntu-backed candidates. This similarly of mind and ideology means that unlike Muntu, who had to burn mid night candles in endless meetings trying to build consensus with adversaries, POA should be able to hit the ground running. It simply means he will have sufficient time to engage his adversaries (mostly the 29 MPs) in order to reconcile them back to the party mainstream. Gratefully they realize he is the new man with the groceries and over the weekend, many of them flocked his residence seeking to mend fences. As party president, POA will determine who occupies which juicy office or chairs which juicy committee in Parliament. This gives well intentioned POA a lot of leverage to make peace with his political adversaries within FDC and the additional advantage is that KB, who is his godfather, isn’t vindictive. The very decent KB we know is very forgiving and won’t be out pressurizing POA to deploy revenge against anybody.

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    Mukono Municipality In Crisis After NUP Mayor Nkoyoyo Is Admitted To Mulago Hospital Without Money For Treatment…



    Bedridden Mukono Municipality mayor Erisa Mukasa Nkoyoyo. Inset is the area MP Betty Nambooze

    Mukono Municipality legislator Betty Nambooze Bakireke has confirmed that the Municipality’s mayor Erisa Mukasa Nkoyoyo has been admitted to Mulago Specialised Hospital.

    Nambooze explained that last week, she went to hospital to check on him and discovered that his health condition was worsening.

    She said that Nkoyoyo needs very expensive medicine which he has to buy from one of the big pharmacies near the hospital because inside the hospital the medicine is not there.

    She added that because of the expensive medicine, Nkoyoyo is buying it in piecemeal which places his life in more danger.

    She disclosed that the Municipality has no money for his treatment.

    Few months back, theGrapevine reported how Mukono Municipality town clerk Majeran Luboyera and other technocrats rushed Nkoyoyo to Butabika mental hospital but he was later discharged.

    Friends and family members cited witchcraft in Nkoyoyo’s sickness claiming that his political competitors who want his office come 2026 are the ones who want him dead.

    Luboyera confirmed that Nkoyoyo’s absence has created a leadership crisis in the Municipality because currently, it is like the Municipality has no mayor.

    Since the day Nkoyoyo decided to attend the local government retreat at Kyankwanzi leadership training, National Unity Platform principal Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu (Bobi Wine) him a betrayer.

    The party leadership stopped Nkoyoyo from attending the said retreat but he defied them and attended.

    Nkoyoyo later explained that his decision was based on his hunger to develop the Municipality and they could not achieve the development they wanted without working together with the ruling party.


    By Grapevine Reporter


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    RDC Mbabazi, Sseninde In Secret Tug Of War Over NRM Ticket For Wakiso District Woman Legislator…



    Rosemary Nansubuga Sseninde (R) and Justine Mbabazi (L)

    The mighty Grapevine can exclusively reveal that Rosemary Nansubuga Sseninde and Justine Mbabazi are in a secret fight over the National Resistance Movement (NRM) ticket for Wakiso District Woman Member of Parliament.

    In the 2021 parliamentary election, Sseninde was defeated little known Betty Naluyima who held the National Unity Platform (NUP) ticket.

    After the defeat, President Museveni dropped her as the junior Minister for Education.

    However, because of the good relationship Sseninde has with the first lady maama Janet Kataha Museveni, she was appointed as a Director at NRM Secretariat in charge of mobilization.

    When theGrapevine asked her whether she is coming back in elective politics, she only responded with “don’t wake them up”.

    We have established that she is making clandestine mobilization to contest for the same seat come 2026.

    But political observers in Wakiso told theGrapevine that Sseninde is going to find a hard task to secure the NRM ticket because Mbabazi is also interested in the same ticket and she is also doing clandestine mobilization.

    “Mbabazi is on the ground, she always stands with people when it comes to the situation of challenges, especially on the land issues. Minister Sam Mayanja has also helped her to popularize herself because whenever he goes for a land matter, he has to go with her and praise her before the public as a very hard working lady and an NRM cadre,” one of the political observers said.

    However, Sseninde is also not sleeping. She is using her position NRM director Mobilisation to hit two birds with one stone.

    She is popularizing President Museveni’s achievements across the whole country and at the same time doing ground mobilization among the locals in Wakiso district.

    Others interested in the seat are Rose Kirabira, Sylivia Namutyaba, Naluyimba is also coming back among others.


    By Hadijjah Namagembe


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    INSIDE STORY: Did Speaker Among’s Power Threaten Deep State Plans On M7 Succession! Her Health Scares Family Members…



    In the last sitting of the parliament, Speaker Annet Anita Among adjourned the House sine die and the mighty Grapevine has established that the move was intentional.

    A highly placed family source has told this website that family members, friends and her personal doctors realized that Among needs time to rest because the pressure which has been mounted on her is becoming a threat to her life.

    The decision was taken after she received a copy of the letter written by President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni directing the Inspector General of Government (IGG) Beti Namisango Kamya to give him a list of the properties she declared as required by the Leaders’ Code to establish whether she did not violate the law.

    Museveni gave the directive after a short meeting with United Kingdom High Commissioner in Uganda Kate Airey at Nakasero State Lodge where she briefed him over the intended sanctions her country was set to slap on Among.

    In the said letter, Museveni stated that Kate confirmed to him that Among owns properties in United Kingdom which she obtained from corruption and they were going to be freeze all her properties together with the billions of money she keeps on UK bank accounts.

    “She needed time to rest, because as things stand, we might lose her. She has issues with her blood pressure and if it is not handled early and properly, she may develop other illnesses because she has been betrayed by people she has worked with for a long time,” a family source said.

    He explained that Among was very sure that president Museveni was going to stand with her, but she was very surprised to see the letter directing IGG to investigate her. Sources also indicated that suprisingly, Museveni did not brief Among about his meeting with Kate.

    “On Tuesday at 1000 hours, I met the British High Commissioner at her request for an urgent meeting. The meeting was at Nakasero but I was on my way to Entebbe for another meeting. I, therefore, did not have time to discuss with anybody the issue,” Museveni’s letter reads in parts.

    Among’s family members fear that Museveni’s directive to further investigate her can resulted into prosecution which will humiliate and dent her political career.

    An International Relations expert told theGrapevine that when a person is sanctioned, big international airlines can stop him or her from travelling on their planes.

    Apart from that, Among is going to face difficulties with international financial institutions especially banks because her bank accounts will be placed under a red line and most of her family members will be affected.

    International medical facilities which have connections to United Kingdom, United States of America, United Arab Emirates and other countries which are members of the European Union will also be very careful when dealing with her for fear of being isolated which can affect their businesses.

    Based on the above, Among was advised to be very careful with her health especially how she eats and stop being stressed because she will be putting her life in danger.

    However, those who understand Among very well told theGrapevine that they are not sure whether she will take a rest and look on as her enemies humiliate her and kill her political career because she is also a fighter who has gone through a lot to climb the top of Uganda’s political ladder.

    Chris Obore, Parliament’s Director for Communication and Cooperate affairs revealed that inside NRM government, there are people who feel that Among is nothing and cannot be a Speaker of parliament to lead the second arm of government.

    Obore claims that their reasoning is that Among didn’t participated in the 1980 liberation struggle that brought President Museveni’s government into power.

    They allege that she is just a new defector from Dr. Kizza Besigye’s Forum for Democratic Change (FDC).

    During the course of investigating this story, theGrapevine established that Among has been threatening the Deep State which is controlling the country’s political, social and economic affairs in their plan on who will succeed President Museveni.

    “Do you mean Theodora Ssekikubo (the Lwemiyaga county legislator) and Anderson Burora (the interdicted Lubaga Division Deputy Resident City Commissioner) were fighting and making those statement against Among on their own? Among is not in calculations of the Deep State concerning Museveni’s successor and beyond, she was very naïve to think that she can use her power as a Speaker of Parliament and a catholic to disorganize their plans. What they did was they gave her a rope and she hang herself by misusing public money to enrich herself and her husband Moses Magogo. They are now publicly discrediting her,” a source said.

    Kira Municipality legislator Ibrahim Ssemujju Nganda recently revealed that there is a plan to force Among out of the Speaker’s office insisting that Ssekikubo is President Museveni’s henchman who he uses to fight his political wars.

    He supposed that during the 2005 presidential term limit period, Ssekikubo was driving a car with State House number plate.

    On several occasions, Ssekikubo has pressurized Among to allow Members of Parliament to discuss the corruption allegation placed on parliament leadership.

    A source said that when Among realized that she was under attack by members of the Deep State for threatening their succession plans, she decided to use a primitive method of politically fighting by summoning and parading all MPs including those in opposition to her home area in Bukedea district.

    What she wanted according to sources was to show the country that she controls the entire parliament including members of parliament which was a threat to Deep State’s calculations because it showed that she can command parliament to impeach the President thus causing political turmoil in the country.

    Another source added that being a woman, Among can put up a strong challenge if she publicly declares her presidential ambitions.

    Senior presidential adviser on media Joseph Tamale Mirundi stated that women are always used to fight long serving presidents because of the public sympathy they receive if attacked by presidents in power.

    Among is also well connected to the catholic church and has held several private meetings with Pope Francis; such signals scare the Deep State.

    He explained that Among was naïve to parade her multimillion wealth before the public because that’s when her enemies started strategising on how to discredit her before right thinking members of the public as a corrupt person who cannot be trusted with State power.

    Mirundi accused religious leaders especially the Archbishop of the Church of Uganda, Dr. Stephen Kazimba Mugalu and Mufti Sheikh Shaban Mubajje of misleading Among on the Homosexuality bill.

    He said that what Among did was like threatening Museveni’s local popularity because by not signing the bill into a law, his enemies especially National Unity Platform’s Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu (Bobi Wine) would have used it as a campaign tool to tell the public that Museveni refused to sign the homosexuality bill so he supports the vice.

    Bugweri county legislator Abdul Katuntu confirmed that Museveni summoned them at Entebbe State House and explained to them the danger of the bill they wanted him to sign into a law but sources allege that because Among did not listen, Museveni decided to sign the bill knowing very well that it backfire on her and other legislators who supported the bill.

    Mirundi explaind that Super powers are going to fight and make sure that Among losses the parliamentary speakership to scare other African Speakers.

    Mirundi added that Homosexuality supporters are very powerful individuals and they control the world.

    And because Museveni understands this very well, that’s why he was very careful when Among and other people started jumping and chest thumping after passing the bill as a way of scoring political goals.

    Sources said that Museveni cannot fight for Among against the sanctions because he also wants to use her saga as a tool to mend his diplomacy troubles especially involving his longtime ally the United Kingdom.


    By Sengooba Alirabaki


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