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    Where’s Kabaka Ronald Muwenda Mutebi?…



    Ssabasajja Ronald Muwenda Mutebi, the Kabaka of Buganda

    The Katikiro of Buganda, Owek. Charles Peter Mayiga has always been put under fire, and specifically tasked to unconditionally explain the lately mysterious whereabouts of the Kabaka, Ssabasajja Ronald Muwenda Mutebi.

    Kabaka’s subjects started becoming suspicious concerning the whereabouts of their King when he was secretly rushed to Nairobi to treat him for a strange illness. Some local reports however indicated that he had been poisoned. Other sources even pronounced him dead.

    The Kingdom refuted all such reports and ascertained that the Kabaka was well and fine.

    When previously asked where the Kabaka is, the Buganda Kingdom premier quickly responds in Luganda that; “Kabaka gyali ku Namulondo ye alamula,” to translate to “The King is sitting on his throne, reigning over his kingdom.”

    Trust In Mayiga Lost, Where’s Our Kabaka? – Subjects Demand Again!…

    Buganda subjects believed Mayiga’s words for a moment, until early March this year when Ssabasajja didn’t show up at a major function he never misses.

    Baganda raised eyebrows when the Kabaka didn’t show up at the annual soccer finals of the Buganda Masaza Cup where he is traditionally the chief guest every year. The Katikiro represented him on the occasion.

    The Masaza Cup final game between Gomba and Buddu was reportedly pushed from an earlier date to the 6th of March this year, to accommodate the Kabaka’s presence. He was still not able to make it.

    This raised suspicion, as that was the same moment when the Buganda subjects were already suspecting foul play, after their ruler had taken a long time without appearing in public.

    Buganda: Kabaka Is At His Private Residence In Banda…

    Reliable sources from inside the Kingdom confirmed that the Kabaka is currently residing at his Banda Palace.

    The Banda Palace is the Private Residence of Ssaabasajja Kabaka. It was built by His Majesty in 1993 after his coronation, on the land he inherited from his late maternal grandfather, Christopher Mbabali Sekuma.

    Banda Palace is located on Banda estate in Kyadondo County in Kampala. Banda Palace is a working royal residence which houses the private offices of Ssaabasajja Kabaka and the offices of those who support the day-to-day activities and duties of His Majesty and the members of the Royal Family. The Palace also houses Ssaabasajja Kabaka’s Tennis court.

    The Palace is privately managed by Nkuluze and is not open to visitors.

    Kabaka Spotted In Banda

    The royal entourage, consisting of the Kabaka’s convoy and his car were seen heading towards the royal Palace from Jinja road last week. All the cars were moving at a “catch me if you can” speed with all car windows raised up.

    The Kabaka was among the crew; as the car in which he always moves in – a Toyota Land Cruiser marked with a symbol of the royal shield of Buganda was spotted on the road too.

    According to our dependable sources, theGrapevine can reliably confirm that the Kabaka came back from Nairobi, Kenya where he had gone to meet “Friends of Buganda” and check on his sick mother Namasole Siwoza who was bed ridden abroad.

    Why Is The Kabaka “Hiding” In Banda?

    Buganda Historians describe the Kabaka as a noble and and unique figure who shouldn’t necessarily be accessible to everyone at any given time they wish.

    Buganda history further decorates the Kabaka as a distinguished character who does according to his will, which will is also never questioned. The Kabaka is answerable to none, and doing so is highly abominable.

    And besides, the Kabaka doesn’t necessarily need to leave his Palace to work, because his Palace is also his office space, but a sect of doubting Baganda have continuously demanded to just set their eyes on him to believe if he’s well.

    If he has not willed to come out to the public, he will not and no one can question that, for he’s the Kabaka – a man of perfect judgement.

    However, Omulangira Akalemanjovu, a royal Muganda descendant of Prince David Ssimbwa also noted that; “For the great love and friendship the people have towards their Kabaka, they have the right to demand where their beloved King is.”

    “The Kabaka is the chief, the subjects should be knowing where he is. Even anciently, history indicates that whenever the Kabaka was away from his Palace, his subjects were made aware.

    “Even Kabaka Muteesa II, the father to Kabaka Ronald Muwenda Mutebi made all his movements and plans open. Even when he went hunting in Ndaiga, Bunyoro or any other place, the subjects were made known of the development,” Akalemanjovu narrated.

    He added that; “If the Kabaka starts making secret trips, he seems more like he’s in exile in his own land in which he reigns, and that is so unappealing.”

    Life and the world might have have grossly changed but traditionally, the Kabaka was initially meant to be a very accessible person, and it didn’t require going through another person to access him.

    Unlike now, the Kabaka’s Palace was not out of bounds to subjects. But for so many social – mainly security, political and other reasons, the Kabaka is a a very rare person to his own subjects. Very rare that those who get the unique chance to meet him can only count themselves lucky.

    By Baron Kironde



    We Don’t Meet People At Night: EC Speaks Out On Allegations Of Meeting Bobi Wine’s NUP Faction At Night…



    EC Spokesperson Bukenya. Inset is Bobi Wine (top) and Kibalama (bottom). Both leaders claim ownership of NUP

    Justice Simon Mugenyi Byabakama’s Electoral Commission has cleared the air on allegations that they held a night meeting with the National Unity Platform (NUP) leadership.

    On Thursday, appearing on NBS TV’s Frontline, Gideon Tugume, the Secretary for Information in Moses Kibalama’s NUP faction alleged that they have enough evidence including camera footage showing Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu alias Bobi Wine’s NUP faction leaders, led by David Lewis Rubongoya, meeting top Electoral Commission leaders at night.

    He claimed that the Tuesday night meeting resulted in the Electoral Commission letter disowning Kibalama’s faction and declaring Bobi Wine’s faction as legal.

    Tugume was supported by government spokesperson and also the Media Center boss, Ofwono Opondo who insisted that the Electoral Commission should be investigated over the night meeting allegation.

    However, in a phone conversation with theGrapevine, Mr. Paul Bukenya, the Electoral Commission spokesperson rubbished the allegation.
    “It is not true that we meet people at night. Our offices are open between 8am to 5pm, beyond that time, we are officially closed for any business,” the soft spoken Mr. Bukenya explained.

    He further emphasized that the Electoral Commission only deals with legally recognised institutions and Bobi Wine’s NUP is the recognised NUP leadership.

    He explained that they cannot recognise an institution whose legal records they don’t have.

    “All of us know that Bobi Wine’s NUP is the leading opposition party in parliament and we have been sending them taxpayers money because of their numerical strength in parliament not Kibalama’s faction,” he noted.


    By Sengooba Alirabaki


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    How I Saved Gen Saleh From Being Punched By Dr. Kiggundu Over Greenland Bank Closure And Why M7 Banned Mambo Bado – Veteran Radio Talk show Host Nsereko Narrates …



    Radio talk show host Meddie Nsereko. Inset is Gen. Saleh (top L) and President Museveni (bottom L)

    Veteran radio talk show host Meddie Nsereko Ssebuliba has narrated how he saved now Operation Wealth Creation boss Gen. Salim Saleh from being punched by the late Dr. Suleiman Kiggundu over the Greenland bank closure.

    The CBS FM Radio presenter disclosed that, “For the last 26 years which I have spent here moderating political talk shows, I have seen a lot of things that have surprised me, but I will never forget the two talk shows which put me in tension. One was when I hosted late Dr. Kiggundu and Gen. Salim Saleh over the closure of Greenland bank, and another is when I hosted President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni on Mambo Bado.”

    He revealed that in the early 2000s, the closure of Greenland bank was a very big topic of discussion since many business people both big and small were customers to the bank.

    Nsereko re-counted that as words filled with bitterness and anger were being exchanged between Dr. Kiggundu and Gen. Saleh’s camps, he was forced with approval from the producers of ‘Kkiriza oba ggana’ talk show to invite both Saleh and Kiggundu to a debate live on radio to explain their issues.

    Nsereko related that Gen. Saleh was the first to arrive at Bulange Mengo, the headquarters of CBS radio. A few minutes to 7pm, Dr. Kiggundu also arrived. But when he looked at Gen. Saleh he quickly lost his temper and started throwing strong abusive words at him.

    “Kigundu told me, Nsereko, I cannot sit in the same room with that man who has double standards, let me go. The man was very bitter and I understood his bitterness but to calm him down, I greeted him in Islam. I said, Dr. Salaam-Alaikum, let us enter the studio, he accepted and we entered the studio. We found Gen. Saleh already seated inside,” he said.

    He narrated that when Dr. Kiggundu looked at Saleh he lost his temper again and tried to punch him.

    “He grabbed him but I pleaded with him not to fight. When the talk show started, Dr. Kiggundu accused Gen. Saleh of betraying his loyalty because he supported them in the bush and even when they had just captured power, he kept on financially supporting them but it’s a pity that they paid him by taking his bank,” Nsereko divulged.

    Nsereko said that Dr. Kiggundu also accused Gen. Saleh of being bad hearted especially towards Baganda and that’s why he spearheaded the move to impoverish him and fraudulently took his bank.

    Nsereko said that in his defense, Gen. Saleh denied all the allegations insisting that it was Bank of Uganda that sold Greenland bank not him.

    Nsereko asserted that the second show that put him on tension was during the 2006 election.

    He narrated that because Besigye was breathing down President Museveni’s neck, towards the 2006 presidential elections, Museveni decided to appear on CBS’s Mambo Bado political talk show.

    By then, Mambo Bado was the hottest and most listened to political talk show in the country.

    Museveni complained that the show was full of opposition supporters who use the platform to abuse him. However, CBS radio management told him that they are not against him but his people don’t want to appear on talk shows to counteract opposition’s allegations.

    “President Museveni told me, ‘You have been telling me that my people fear these opposition people, now I have come to talk for myself’,” Nsereko quoted Museveni’s opening remarks.

    He said that after Museveni’s long submissions, he invited other people to counter his submissions and among them was a one Nakunda Muwanga who told the president that he is a dictator who is competing for president after tying the hands and legs of those competing against him.

    Nsereko narrated that Museveni was very bitter with Muwanga’s submission and a few days later, Mambo Bado talk show was banned by the Uganda Communication Commission.

    He added that Dr. Kizza Besigye, Lt. Gen. Henry Tumukunde, Gen. David Sejusa are the other prominent people who put him in a difficult position behind the microphone.


    By Sengooba Alirabaki


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    CID Arrests 24: How They Robed Investors, Financed ADF Terrorism Activities In DRC And Uganda…



    Some of the suspects

    Uganda Police spokesperson CP Fred Enanga has disclosed that the Directorate of Crime Intelligence (CID) has arrested 24 suspects who form part of a criminal network, involved in the financing of ADF terrorism activities, in the DRC and in Uganda.

    In a statement released today, Enanga said that, “those arrested are Kyeyune Isma alias Ismail alias Beckam alias Buguman alias Musilamu alias Mohammad a 30 year old, boda-boda rider and a resident of Bulaga- Nakabugo and Kinamundu villages in Wakiso District, who was recruited in the ADF ranks in 2021, by Adam Matovu alias Manhajji alias Musa Muko from Kalerwe.

    “The task team also arrested Musa Mubiru alias Musilamu alias Professor alias Sheikh alias Nathan; Kiiza Patrick alias Pato; Kinene Hamis alias Mis and Wadimba Jackson alias Sejusa. Together with others, they paid allegiance to the ADF and admitted to conspiring with others, to stage robberies of aggravated nature. The proceeds were being used to finance ADF activities (including recruitment of future terrorist fighter), and also cover welfare costs of families of ADF fighters.”

    He added that the two suspects were trained in combat and martial art skills from Kawempe- Ttula, together with Ajode, Musa Kabanda alias Musomesa and Mwebe, who were arrested recently from the ADF hub in Luwero.

    “During the disruptive operations, two notorious gang leaders, were fatally wounded, one while resisting arrest and the other during a foiled robbery. One of them was identified as; Tomusange Farouk alias Otto alias Juma Otti alias Ssebaduka Ramadhan alias Abdulaziz Nsubuga.

    “His gang participated in the robbery of Ugx 300m, from Mohammad Ahmed, a Somali businessman at Equatorial Hotel on 25.05.2020, they robbed Her Worship Gladys Kamasanyu at Green Hill Academy on 17.07.2021; robbed Ugx 400m from Lee Yin Tang, a Chinese Businessman along Nkurumah road, robbed JUWAN LAL, an Indian businessman on the 24.07.2022, along Mawanda road; on the 9.02.2021, they robbed 100.000 Euros from Kushamohan Konnakutty, an Indian businessman at the Jinja Road Traffic junction, among others,” he added.

    “The second gang leader, identified as Mugalu Ibra alias Nakwero, was shot dead during a foiled robbery at Old Kampala in Mengo on the 2.06.2022. The former convict was involved in the robbery of Ugx 150m and two mobile phones from Gitawu Abdallah, a Kenyan businessman along Apollo Kaggwa road; robbed USD 4500 and Ugx 20m, from KE QIU FANG MA LEE, a Chinese businessman; also robbed 3 separate South Sudanese business persons at Kawaala (USD 80.000); Bakuli Mengo (USD 30.000); Kasubi – Namungoona (USD 10.000).”

    Enanga divulged that the criminal gang network conducted effective surveillance against foreign businessmen transporting cash, whom they attacked at suitable get-away points.

    “They further utilized various methods of secret communication to conceal their criminal activities. Several exhibits of motorcycles, mobile phones and documents were recovered,” Enanga said.


    By Grapevine Reporter


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