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Whether Kanyamunyu Is Haunted By Ghosts Or Not, The Law Must Take Its Course: Judiciary Insists Tycoon Must Complete His Murder Trial…



Kanyamunyu asking for forgiveness

The judiciary has insisted that embattled Quantum Logistics Limited tycoon Mathew Kanyamunyu will complete his murder trial in the High Court Criminal Division in Kampala.

Ssalongo Solomon Muyita, the senior Communications officer of the judiciary told theGrapevine that much as the judiciary respects the reconciliation gesture between the prime suspect Kanyamunyu and the late Kenneth Akena’s family, the law must fully take its course.

“Very soon when everything is sorted out, the murder trial of Kanyamunyu and the co-accused will proceed, it was halted because the session had reached an end,” Muyita noted.

He further explained that courts of law don’t follow cultural practices but only deal with evidence brought to court by the Director of Public Prosecution (DPP).

When asked whether there is any chance for Kanyamunyu to come to court with Akena’s family and explain to court their agreement, Muyita said that courts are not responsible for withdrawing cases, it’s the job of DPP, but to do that, the judge should be convinced with the explanation of withdrawing the charges since it’s a public interest case.

Evans Ochieng, one of Kanyamunyu’s lawyers said that for Kanyamuyu’s confession to be taken serious before the law, the accused should do the same by going before the trial judge and admitting that he committed the offence and the judge will decide on what to do for him in favor of justice.

Erias Nalukola, another criminal lawyer advised Kanyamunyu to talk to the DPP and they agree on a plea bargain.

Nalukola added however that even in the plea bargaining, the judge has powers to allow or reject it.

Another lawyer told this website that whether Kanyamunyu is being haunted by Akena’s ghost, the law must take its course.

When contacted, Senior State Attorney Jacquelyn Okui said that the office of the DPP is still studying the situation and promised to get back to us when a decision is taken.

It should be noted that Gulu Resident Judge Stephen Mubiru suspended Kanyamunyu’s trial after the expiration of the High court criminal session and the backlog at his circuit.

Senior State Attorney Jonathan Muwaganya protested the adjournment fearing that his case was going to be frustrated.

Kanyamunyu’s lawyers led by celebrated criminal lawyer Mark Dusman Kabega welcomed the postponement.

Many said that the adjournment was intentional to give Kanyamunyu time to negotiate his way out since the evidence against him was overwhelming.


By Sengooba Alirabaki



VIDEO: I Regret Hitting Police Officer With Hammer Twice – Police Arrests Man Who Hit Their Own During Bobi Wine Riots, To Charge Him With Attempted Murder…



Police has arrested a one Ssebwa Emmanuel Ssebuliba who was captured in a video hitting a police officer with a hammer during the free Bobi Wine riots in Kampala last week.

According to Kampala Metropolitam Police (KMP) PRO SP Patrick Onyango, police used CCTV cameras around the area to nab Ssebuliba.

“Police in Kampala have arrested the suspected criminal who was captured on camera assaulting a police officer on duty during riot on Wednesday (18/11/2020). Police first picked his associate from his hideout with the help of CCTV cameras,” Onyango said.

He added, “The suspect is called Ssebwa Emmanuel Ssebuliba. His associate is identified as Kasozi Benson. They are both detained at CPS Kampala on attempted murder charges. Ssebuliba confesses to the crime. We condemn the act of attacking our security personnel who are carrying out their lawful duties.”

In his confession, Ssebuliba said, “I picked the hammer by the roadside, and hit the police officer two times but I regret what I did.”


By Grapevine Reporters


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M7 Gives Me Everything I Ask For, I Can’t Be Corrupt – State House Anti-Corruption Unit Chief, Col Edith Nakalema Emphasizes She’s Clean…



State House Anti Corruption Unit boss Lt. Col. Nakalema

Lt. Col. Edith Nakalema has applauded the establishment of the State House Anti Corruption Unit, and says it’s a very great work in progress.

Lieutenant Colonel Edith Nakalema, is a Ugandan military officer, who graduated in August 2018, from the Higher Command and Staff Course at the Joint Services Command and Staff College, in Watchfield, Oxfordshire, United Kingdom, where she had been admitted in 2017.

The State House Anti Corruption Unit headed by Nakalema was set up to counter overwhelming corruption cases in late 2018 will now make 2 years on 10 in December this year.

Commending herself for a job well done, Nakalema said, “I am grateful to the appointing authority that made me join the rest of the anti-corruption agencies and become the link between State House and other agencies and the public. We all have to work together.”
She disregarded statements that her unit is overshadowing the other anti-corruption agencies, and argued that they instead work together.

Discussing the progress of the barely two year old unit, Nakalema disclosed that they have managed to recover over UGX 1 billion during the execution of their duties.

“We have also managed to bring back Ugandans who were stuck in the Middle East and unfortunately returned some dead bodies. All the companies that export workers abroad that were not licensed have been closed – about 88 of them,” she said.

“For citizens who have paid to meet the president, it is not too late. We are ready to clean up the State House as long as you show us the dirt,” she added.

According to Nakalema, 247 have so far been investigated and arraigned before the courts of law by the unit, plus 24 convictions within two years.

“We are grateful to the judiciary because our cases have special court hearings in different parts of the country,” she said.

Nakalema however admitted that fighting corruption is not easy at all, but a determined team has made it possibly successful to a certain extent.

She said, “Corruption changes face. People are not ready to expose the corrupt because they benefit. A number of the corrupt have been exposed with the help of the media, whistleblowers, and my team, and we have acted.”

“Corruption starts from family. How you bring up the children matters. The schools they go to and what they are taught matters. You find that little children have to buy sweets for their campaigns in schools,” she added, citing that corruption is a rooted evil.

Denying corruption allegations, she said, “I cannot be corrupted when I have a God who can give me anything and also, I can ask for everything I want from President Museveni.”

By Baron Kironde


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DETAILS: How M7’s Security Netted Bobi’s Supporters Who Masterminded Protests After His Arrest…



Within only the past three days, Police helped by other security agencies has been able to successfully identify, locate and arrest certain individuals who are suspected to have masterminded the massive protests around the city centre and suburban areas, following the brutal arrest of National Unity Platform (NUP) presidential candidate, Robert Kyagulanyi alias Bobi Wine last week.

Over 40 people have since been reported dead, and several others are still nursing injuries, mostly bullet wounds from the scuffle.

Ben Kasozi, the man who was seen hitting a police officer on duty with a hammer in a video that went viral online is on of those who were arrested first. He was picked up from his home.

Two other men of those captured on video supplying old car tyres to rioters in the city during the two-day nasty protests are also facing their wrath, as they’re spending time behind bars.

Just yesterday, three other men who were captured in a video undressing people, especially those dressed in NRM yellow attire during the protests have been arrested by Police.

Less than five days back, President Museveni, raging with anger warned that all the perpetrators of the two-day violence will be dealt with in a military manner, as that’s the area of fighting he bragged to know very well.

“They have entered an area of fighting we know very well. Whoever started it will regret it. Those who have been attacking NRM people in Kampala will soon lose that appetite. You will see the uniform of NRM and won’t touch it. They will answer for the crimes they have committed,” Museveni stated.

Don Wanyama, the Senior Presidential Press Secretary to affirm Museveni’s statements also yesterday tweeted, “Remember the hooligans on Burton Street, who were attacking people in yellow and forcing, especially women to undress? They are now guests of the state. They will have their day in court.”

A top security source has revealed that CCTV cameras were mainly relied on as evidence bin the operation to arrest the suspects believed to have been behind the violence.

With help of the various CCTV cameras installed in most towns and cities in the country, Police and other security agencies were able to view and review captured events to establish the culprits.

Police understandably did not only use the CCTV cameras to identify the faces of the masterminds, but to also track down their movements. The information which was then supplied to security informants on ground who reported back to the joint security team that later swung into action to make arrests accordingly.

Police equally utilised social media videos as intelligence to pin the violence perpetrators down. Members of the public has effectively captured events as they unfolded in the various parts of the country where the protests happened.

Security sources have also told theGrapevine that plain clothed security personnel have been dispersed among boda boda cyclist to arrest whoever wants to cause chaos starting from those who move past curfew hours on boda bodas and on foot.

By Baron Kironde


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