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Who Are You Influencing? You Are A School Dropout Like Me And You Would Be A Mother Of Five Now If Not For Rampant Abortions – Bad Black In New War With Sheila Gashumba…



Former TV presenter, Sheilah Gashumba is embroiled in a heated war of words with Shanitah Namuyimba alias Bad Black, a controversial city socialite who self-proclaimed herself as the leader of prostitute in Uganda.

The verbal fight between the two escalated from Snapchat, a social media platform where Bad Black was mocked of landing zero advertising deals, to which she responded that she left the advertising business for Sheilah because the former TV presenter needs those deals more to survive with her boyfriend Marcus alias God’s Plan.

Bad Black had no chills until she reminded Sheilah that she’s also a school dropout like herself. She accused her of only backbiting her friends and that she’s too naive for life to sustain herself. “Brokenness and depression will kill you quick if you don’t immediately see a medical counsellor,” she mockingly warned.

“You don’t pay any bills, you have no responsibility, and first get out of your tiny room at your fathers house before you start bragging,” she added, saying that Sheilah fakes her lifestyle to keep up with the pressure of living an impressive and posh life.

Bad Black who also admits to regularly herself said Sheila’s abortion rate is worrying. ” You would be a mother of five now if not for your rampant abortions,” Bad Black said, referring to Sheila as “Mother of Grave”

Bad Black insinuated that Sheila’s accusations against her being a single mum beats her understanding because her own father is a very famous single father.

Sheilah in reiteration stood up to defend her boyfriend. She hit back at Bad Black saying no one can grant her any commercial advert endorsement because she’s so irrelevant she can’t influence anyone including herself.

Sheila also accused Bad Black of being so disrespectful to the hand that once fed her. She revealed that her boyfriend Marcus gave Bad Black money, paid her hospital bills and even  bought her alcohol.

Sheila who is also the only biological child to rich city businessman, Frank Gashumba said she was born lucky and has all the privileges to enjoy and spend her father’s money his she wishes because it’s her right.

“I can spend my father’s money how I want, I have no responsibilities and I work because I have the passion to work, not because I’m on pressure to fulfill obligations like you, I am not a mother like you” she said.


By Baron Kironde



M7 Bloggers At War With Middleman – Kusasira, Bajjo and Kusasira Gang Up Against Balaam…



L-R: Balaam, Kusasira and Bajjo

Museveni’s social media camp is on fire, as Bad Black and Bebe Cool are the latest notable names to be dragged into the highly contentious brawl raging on between M7 Bloggers and other M7 allies against city businessman and self-appointed NRM top recruiter, Balaam Barugahara.

Balaam has been acting as an agent for the Museveni camp. He is the one who has been scouting all opposition social media activists and artists luring them with money to join Museveni’s camp.

Many of them have at a later stage come out complaining that their deal promises were never fulfilled.

Just moments after renowned city events promoter, Balaam Barugahara came out to refute multiple allegations uttered by fellow events promoter, Andrew Alfonso Mukasa alias Bajjo against him, another Museveni close ally, Catherine Kusasira who also unofficially advises the president on Kampala affairs has come to point fingers straight at Balaam, accusing him of blocking her from accessing their boss, President Museveni.

Bajjo had apparently branded fellow promoter, and self styled NRM middleman, Balaam Barugahara Atenyi as a very evil man who is worse than Covid-19, AIDs, and Ebola all combined, accusing him of being too selfish to depress any efforts of other people’s success.

Catherine Kusasira disclosed how she passionately hates Balaam. Kusasira’s allegations triggered Balaam’s nerve. And it must’ve been the last exploitative assertion by Kusasira that prompted Balaam to dive into his archives and pull out the agreement on which Kusasira borrowed money from him.

The presidential advisor claimed that Balaam has time and again blocked her from meeting her boss. She said Balaam’s behavior has been consistent with other people including fellow singer Moses Ssali alias Bebe Cool.

“Balaam does not want anyone close to the president, he does not want people to be better. It is shocking that such a wealthy man behaves as such. He has also blocked Bebe Cool, that is why you see him (Bebe Cool) quiet,” she said.

According to Kusasira, the matter of meeting the president has been monopolized by Balaam who continues to bad mouth everyone before the president.

“Balaam told Museveni that the money he gives Bebe Cool is used to buy Zuena (Bebe’s wife) teddy bears, and clothes instead of mobilizing youth. You should ask Bebe Cool, he knows the truth, that is why he has kept quiet,” she said.

She accused Balaam of cheating people by deducting on pledges from President Museveni.

“I am very sure Bad Black did not get the money promised to her. People like Ashburg Kato are still demanding and Balaam has a hand in it. I am not sure I have never met a person with such a bad heart as Balaam’s,” she lamented.

Kusasira says that at one time when they met the president, she suggested that the fountain of honor comes to the rescue of artists; Michael Mugwanya alias King Michael and Ibrahim Mayanja alias Big Eye, but Balaam interfered by volunteering to use his money and seek a refund later.

“Balaam told the president that he would use his own money and get paid later. How did he know what amount the president had prepared for each of them? How sure are we that what he was going to give them is what he would ask for in refund?” she posed.

“Even then, he (Balaam) did not give them anything,” she added.

Kusasira claims that Balaam has a habit of embarrassing important people including ministers, by gossiping about them.

“He picks a phone call and puts a minister on loudspeaker, then you hear the minister asking for some money and he later starts talking ill about them. That is a terrible habit and not humane at all,” she said.

“He gave me Shs90m for my concert, and when I paid him back, he went around saying I survived otherwise he was going to confiscate my car, such a bad person!”

She, however, expressed delight that Balaam has been blocked from meeting the president as well.

Controversial online blogger, Ashburg Kato who controversially crossed sides from Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu alias Bobi Wine’s then People Power movement to Museveni’s Yellow camp for a reported big sum of cash had first cried foul, and came out to disclaim that he has since not received anything from the president, blaming the shortcoming on the middleman, Balaam.

Bajjo justified that he came out to severely sting Balaam for the fact that he is the one who has kept fellow events promoters and other people who defected to NRM as Ashburg Kato broke.

Speaking in an interview, the vividly bitter Bajjo venomously spat curses that the black magic that makes him only wear one orange T-shirt, won’t work against him.

Bajjo also vowed that if he ever dies before Balaam, he shouldn’t dare attend his burial otherwise his ghost will strangle him to death as well.

Bajjo furthermore hinted on how Balaam is the main reason why events are still blocked from resuming just like other sectors which were opened.


By Baron Kironde


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MYSTERY: Is Pastor Yiga Dead? The Man Of God Will Have To ‘Die’ Another One Last Time To Be Buried, After Being Pronounced Dead Twice…



Controversial senior Pastor of Kawaala Revival Church Augustine Yiga, who is also the ABS TV proprietor was today morning announced dead by various media outlets.

The alleged death of Pastor Yiga quickly circulated allover social media, given his almost celebrity status.

Pastor Yiga is reportedly very sick, and in a very worrying condition, a factor that most probably misled the masses to easily believe that the humorous man of God had breathed his last.

Family and close associates disclosed that Pastor Yiga, is worryingly so sick that he can’t even talk, and is currently on oxygen at Nsambya hospital where he is being treated for Kidney related complications and intestinal ulcers.

Some hospital sources disclosed that Yiga is clinically dead.

ABS TV management however immediately disputed all such claims that the TV’s proprietor is dead, and assertively announced that Pastor Yiga is alive and doing well.

The dubious manner in which the ABS presenter read the clarification announcement about her boss’ death reports has however birthed another related argument taking a different direction. She persistently emphasized the point about physically going to Yiga’s church in Kawaala to ascertain Yiga’s state of health.

A sect of suspecting Ugandans have began questioning the source of the rumor, insinuating that it might’ve deliberately been initiated from Pastor Yiga’s interior circles.

Given today’s dynamic approach to relevance, it could’ve easily been another way to get back into the news, or even raise the gradually declining Revival church and ABS TV.

Any strong reasons on why Yiga’s camp would at all resort to such a stunt is still a strange thought, but being the mysterious man Yiga is, you can’t fail to anticipate more than you expect.

Some 3 years back, Pastor Yiga was similarly announced dead as he had relocated to South Africa, only for him to personally come out a few days later, to testify that he’s alive.

Pr. Yiga is famed for complementing his pastoral role with his great sense of humor, as evidenced in his typically comic sermons and statements that have often landed him in trouble.

Pr. Yiga ironically took the Media by storm, and has been since rocking the entertainment industry as well, but he has now because of his wailing health been reduced to infancy stage be he apparently can’t do anything for himself.


By Baron Kironde


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Mr. President, The Middleman ‘Ate’ The Cows You Gave Me – After Betraying Bobi Wine For Greener Pastures, Blogger Ashburg Katto Is Now Crying…



Blogger, Ashburg Kato who controversially crossed from Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu alias Bobi Wine’s then People Power movement to Museveni’s Yellow camp for a reported big sum of cash has cried foul, and come out to disclaim that he has since not received anything of the sort from the president.

The blogger, who was recently awarded a loyalty grant in form of cows, after visiting Museveni’s farm commended the President for initially releasing the cows to him, but he says the middleman who was meant to deliver the cows to him might’ve lost his way upon reaching Kampala.

L-R: Ashburg, Balaam, Museveni and Ray Supasta at President Museveni’s Kisozi farm

“I won’t ever stop thanking you for the cows you gave me when I visited you in Kisozi earlier this year. But unfortunately, when those cows reached Okello House in Kampala they all disappeared in thin air. I don’t know if they had magic but they disappeared, or maybe they were descendants of Bihogo,” he lamented.

Ashburg Kato who came into the limelight as a blogger cum promoter for Bobi Wine and People Power activities apparently denounced the Bobi Wine led People Power (now NUP ) movement to join the rival camps, and it is alleged that he has since been paid to purposely hit verbal jabs at his former camp.

If Kato’s claim is true however, it then implies that he’s all along been either voluntarily offering his services, or on credit if at all he expects any kind of payment for his assumed job.


By Barone Kironde


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