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    Who Is Big: How Appointing Businessman Kirumira As Namibian Consulate Deepened His Beef With Tycoon Kavuya…



    Tycoon Godfrey Kirumira (L) and Ben Kavuya (R) with deputy Speaker Tayebwa (C)

    The appointment of Godffrey Kirumira as the Namibian Consulate in Uganda deepened his beef with the controversial city tycoon Ben Kavuya.

    Both Kavuya and Kirumira are known powerful money lenders in Uganda and between 2017-19 they were holding weekly meetings at NIC Building to discuss how to work together.

    The two together with other big money lenders like Habasa brother too late Keith Muhakanizi the former Permanent Secretary of the ministry of Finance Planning and Economic Development and also Secretary to treasury formed an umbrella association named Uganda Money Lenders Association (UMLS) and rented a big office as their headquarters on NIC Building near National Social Security Fund (NSSF) building.

    It was an association of rich men and women and everyone wanted to be the head of the association.

    In one of the meetings, Kavuma the proprietor of Legacy Credit company limited came with a police bodyguard sitting in front of his Toyota Land Cruiser car and Kirumira the proprietor of Royal Cash was heard telling friends that Kavuya is beefing him and he wanted to show off that he is richer than him.

    “He has been beefing me, because I’m a very good friend to the Inspector General of police (IGP) Martin Okoth Ochola who gave me a police bodyguard,” Kirumira told friends when Kavuya entered the meeting room.

    Kirumira is also the chairperson of the association of Kampala city tycoons alias ‘the Kwagalana group’ and he fought so much to get a consulate office.

    Kirumira is now driving a powerful car with blue number plates and CC on his car with a Namibian flag.

    Being a consulate is a very important position because the government you represent can write to your home country asking to waive taxes on properties under the guise that they are going to be used for diplomatic work.

    Dr. Sudhir Ruparelia is also a very important person because he is the Nepal consulate in Uganda and he drives monster cars similar to that of Kirumira which is far superior from the one driven by Kavuya.

    Sources close to Kirumira told theGrapevine that he no longer compares himself to Kavuya and always boasts that he is in the league of people like; Sudhir, Sir Godon Wavamunno the consulate Hungary, the late Bonny Katatumba the former consulate of Pakistan in Uganda and Al-Hajji Habib Kagimu the consulate of Malaysia in Uganda.

    Kirumira people boasted that their man is very respected in the country to the extent that he can reach out to Kabaka Ronald Muwenda Mutebi at any time.

    That’s why he agreed to open up one of his commercial buildings in the city center, the Royal Complex.

    Sources claim that now Kavuya is also fighting to match Kirumira by getting an appointment from a foreign  country to be represented in Uganda as a consulate.

    His people don’t want to compare their man to Kirumira because they allege Kavuya’s wealth doubles that of Kirumira and he is very rich even in terms of education.

    However, closed sources from both camps told theGrapevine that Kirumira and Kavuya are set to put aside their beef and fight for their money lending business which is under attack.

    They have instructed former Attorney General Mwesigwa Rukutana to file a suit against the Attorney General Kiwanuka challenging president Museveni’s plans to regulate their business especially on interests to profit from the amount of money lend to individuals and companies.

    President Museveni claims that money lenders are slapping huge interests on Ugandans they lend money to and he wants to put up a limit on how much interest is charged.


    By Sengooba Alirabaki



    Mirundi Narrates How He Survived Bullets After Allegedly Urinating On Pastor Ssenyonga’s Building…



    Tamale Mirundi

    President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni’s Senior Presidential Advisor on Media has narrated how he survived bullets while urinating on the building belonging to Pastor Jackson Ssenyonga of Christian Life Church in Bwaise a Kampala suburb.

    Joseph Tamale Mirundi revealed that one day, during the days when he was still being hosted at Pastor Ssenyonga’s top radio every Monday, he was approached by a Local Defense Unity (LDU) Soldier who accused him of dirtening their place of work. The LDU officer told Mirundi that his action were likely to cause deadly diseases to those who attend the church.

    Mirundi said that when he denied committing any crime, the LDU officer started pointing at the zip of his trousers claiming that it was open. He carefully observed him coaching his gun.

    He boasted that his senses informed him that the LDU man wanted to shoot him. He jumped in the air like an SFC Command and kicked the LDU soldier in the chest sending him tumbling down.

    He added that he stepped on his neck and the LDU officer was saved by Mirundi’s SFC Commandos who were given to him by Gen. Muhoozi Kainerugaba who pleaded with him not to kill a government soldier.

    “For me I fear those LDU people and I don’t want to come close to them because they are naive and they always want to show the public that they know how to use a gun. They don’t normally get the opportunity to fire bullets like other soldiers who go to war. So I don’t want them to make me their shooting target,” Mirundi said.

    He further revealed that he made investigations through his Mirundi Internal Security Organisation (MISO) and established that there was a senior pastor who was behind the LDU soldier who wanted him dead because of his loyalty and support to House of Prayer Ministries International senior pastor Alosious Bujjingo.

    He claimed that the said pastor had a misunderstanding with Bujjingo and was the one behind Teddy Bujjingo Naluswa who is fighting Bijjingo’s divorce case at the Family Division of the High Court.


    By Hadijjah Namagembe


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    TROUBLE: How Top Magistrate Fueled City Businessman’s Divorce To Chew His Wife…



    Drama ensued recently when a Master of Ceremony (MC) was forced to withdraw a microphone from a city businessman who attacked a male magistrate accusing him of fueling the collapse of his marriage.

    The incident happened at a public engagement meeting that was held at a playground in one of the five Divisions that form Kampala city where the Division leadership and the magistrate (names withheld) were invited by the Division Deputy Resident City Commission to advise the public on how to prevent and fight crime and to assess the public’s views towards the Court’s performance in the area

    When the invited guest had finished making their speeches, the MC invited those with questions to ask for the microphone.

    Among the attendees was a businessman (names withheld) who is popular in the Division.

    When he raised his hand, the MC quickly gave him the microphone.

    “I thank all our leaders here for organising such a wonderful meeting to air out our grievances and problems. I have a serious issue with our magistrate who is here with us, I’m very sure that he knows me very well because I appeared before him defending my marriage but he used the law to make sure that I lose my wife,” the businessman said before the microphone was grabbed from him.

    The crowd started shouting on top of their voices asking the MC why he removed the microphone from their man. The crowd wondered why he was being silenced yet the meeting was called to give them the opportunity to air out their grievances.

    The MC advised the businessman to talk to his lawyers and advised him on how to get justice, insisting that he cannot allow a full magistrate to be humiliated without evidence.

    theGrapevine sat the businessman down quietly after the meeting and he narrated how the said magistrate stole his wife.

    The businessman claimed that it all started when he appeared before the said magistrate to defend the divorce case his wife had filed against him.

    He disclosed that throughout the whole case, the Magistrate was harsh towards him and he did not know why.

    “I pleaded with him to give me six months to sort out my issues with my wife because I was still in love with her given that her issue was very small but the man just directed me to come back the next week for the hearing of the case,” the businessman said.

    He claims that he was surprised one day when after the hearing, he waited at the court premises to talk to his wife, who spent almost an hour inside court.

    When he went back inside court to ask the clerk about the whereabouts of his wife, the clerk told him that she was still inside the magistrate’s chambers.

    He said that within one month after the incident, the magistrate had already finished the case, dissolved the marriage and while delivering his judgment warned him to stop playing with people’s daughters because in the end they kill their future.

    He claims that he did not respond to him but just moved out of the courtroom since he had lost his wife, and his properties.

    He said that the next time he saw his wife moving with the magistrate in the same car and he was told that they are in love which confirmed allegations that he was the one fueling their divorce to speed up the process because he was interested in her even though she was legally married.

    He was advised by his friend who is a lawyer to petition Judicial Service Commission for help.


    By Sengooba Alirabaki


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    Lawyers Want International Police To Arrest Tycoon Bitature, Wife Carol As Court Of Appeal Justice Okays Criminal Prosecution Against Him Over Shs100bn Fraud…



    Businessman Patrick Bitature (R) and wife Carol Bitature (Inset)

    Controversial city tycoon Patrick Bitature and wife Carol Bitature are in big trouble after lawyers representing Robert Kirunda the agent of the South African based money lending company Vantage Mezzanine Fund 11 Partnership kicked off the process of involving the International police to arrest them on sight.

    The lawyers led by Moses Muziki kicked off the process after defeating the businessman and his wife at the Court of Appeal where Justice Hallen Obura sitting as a single justice struck out the Bitatures’ application and allowed criminal prosecution slapped on them at Buganda Road Court to proceed.

    In her summary ruling, Justice Obura declared that Bitature and his wife’s application was incompetent and was wrongly filed in Court because they lacked locus to challenge the decision of the High Court Judge.

    Last month, Ronald Kayizzi, the Buganda Road Chief Magistrate issued Criminal summons against Bitature and Carol to answer to fraud charges against them.

    The accused persons are supposed to appear in Court next week.

    However theGrapevine has established that they are still out of the country and Kirunda’s lawyers fear that they might not come back but hide in the United States or United Kingdom where they went last month.

    “They know the evidence we have against them and they are on the run, we have to involve International police to arrest them on sight,” one of the lawyers said.

    When asked for the next move, Brian Moogi, the accused’s lawyer explained that he needs to first consult his client before announcing their next move.

    He however did not rule out the possibility of challenging Justice Obura’s ruling before the panel of three justices.

    Bitature and wife rushed to the Court Of Appeal after Justice Rosette Kania of the Criminal Division of the High Court ordered Buganda Road Court Chief Magistrate to reinstate criminal charges against the accused persons which were dismissed by the same court.

    Bitature went to the Court of Appeal claiming that Justice Kania violated his rights and his wife’s rights by denying them the opportunity to be heard when the matter went before her.

    The Director of Public Prosecution (DPP) took over the matter from Kirunda the Private Prosecutor and she is expected to proceed with it to its conclusion.

    Kirunda claims that in December 2014 at Diamond Trust Building along Kampala Road, Bitature and his wife through their companies of Linda Properties, Elgon Terrace Ltd and Simba Telecom borrowed Shs38bn from Vantage Mezzanine Fund 11 Partnership and they offered their companies’ shares as security.

    He added that between 2019 and 2020, they both fraudulently altered shares of their companies with intent to defraud Vantage Mezzanine Fund 11 Partnership of about Shs101bn.


    By Sengooba Alirabaki


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