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    Who Is Bwanika Working For If He Is Not A Museveni Mole? Mbidde/Bwanika Lock Horns After DP Reunion



    The national Vice-President and Masaka district chairman of the Democratic Party (DP) Fred Mukasa Mbidde has lashed out at the leader of the People’s Development Party (PDP) Abed Bwanika for meddling in the affairs of the Democratic Party and sighted him as a mole working for president Museveni.

    Mbidde revealed this after his supporters were barred from entering the venue of the DP reunion meeting at Liberation Square in Masaka, Friday.

    Mbidde revealed that the drama of stopping him and his people was sponsored by the area MP, Mathias Mpuga and PDP’s Abed Bwanika. “You (Bwanika) have got your own political party which is not the DP. You have insulted Dr (Kiiza) Besigye, Betty Nambooze, Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago and today have insulted me and even repeated the historical insults for which you (Bwanika) are actually known,” Mbidde said. “We won’t allow anyone whose aim is to abuse those on the opposition. Bwanika needs to tell us who he works for. We have since discovered that he always comes to the presidential ballot paper only to make sure Museveni goes to the bottom of it by Alphabetical order to make it easy for voters. The last we heard, he was swearing an affidavit saying Museveni never rigged 2006 elections. Who pays Bwanika, who does he work for?” Mbidde added.

    Mbidde also turned guns to Masaka Municipality MP, Mathias Mpuuga whom he accused of hiring students to cause chaos at the reunion and chase him and his supporters. it should be remembered that Mbidde has expressed interest in Mpuuga’s seat come 2021. Bwanika shot back at Mbidde for choosing the wrong forum to make his campaigns for the parliamentary seat. “This was an event which was for uniting opposition parties and groups, when he went off that original objective, he got himself in trouble,” he said.

    According to Bwanika, Mbidde is greedy and doesn’t understand why he has an interest in unsetting Mpuuga with whom they share a political party. Bwanika said that Ugandans now have capacity to tell who is and who is not a mole.


    By Remmy Atugonza




    NUP TO Support ANT’S Alice Alaso In Serere By-election




    National Unity Platform (NUP) has announced that it will be supporting Alliance for National Transformation (ANT) candidate Alice Alaso in the Serere county by-election.

    NUP announced at a press conference held yesterday at the party secretariate that its members Jerry Okello and Joel Obore -who had initially expressed interest to carry the party’s flag in the Serere by-election, had willfully stepped down to support  ANT’s Alice Alaso.

    According to NUP, the decision followed consultations with different stakeholders and leaders in Teso sub-region and it is a gesture of the party’s commitment to the unity of forces of change. Last year NUP backed up FDC’s Moses Okia Attan in the Soroti East by-election citing the same reason.

    The Sere county parliamentary seat became vacant following the death of Hon. Patrick Okabe in an accident that happened on December 19th, 2022 along Mbale-Tirinyi Road.

    Alice Alaso who has previously represented Serere as woman representative in the 8th, 9th and 10th parliament as an affiliate of the Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) was last week announced as the flagbearer for ANT in the Serere by-election.

    While NUP is willing to support Alice Alaso, her former party FDC has failed to comply with ANT’s call to have all opposition parties support Alice Alaso’s candidature. FDC announced Emmanuel Eratu as its flagbearer.

    According to the roadmap from the electoral commission, candidates will be nominated on February 9th and 10th and campaigns will be conducted  from 13th to 21st of the same month. The by-election will be conducted on February 23rd.


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    Eyes On The Ball! Never Lose Sight Of Our Mission, Nor Be Discouraged By The Challenges That Will Come Our Way, Bobi Wine Tells Supporters



    The National Unity Platform – NUP Party President – Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu alias Bobi Wine – has appealed to his supporters not to lose hope.

    “We remain hopeful and determined to continue our struggle for a brighter future for all Uganans,” reads part of Bobi’s new year message delivered Sunday.

    As we begin 2023, Bobi says “I wanted to take a moment to thank each and every one of you for your continued support and dedication to our cause.”

    “Along the way this past year, your belief in our common vision for a better, more just and equal Uganda has been a constant source of motivation and inspiration for us. 2022 has been a challenging year, filled with both triumphs and setbacks. Many comrades including Jakana Nadduli have lost their lives for criticizing the regime. Denis Waiswa and Yakubu Kiggundu died in the line of duty. John Ddamulira, Semuddu Michael and Muhammad Kanatta disappeared and remain missing to date. Hon. Ssewanyana, Hon. Ssegirinya and comrade Olivia Lutaaya spent their second successive New Year’s Eve in jail. But through it all, we have remained committed to our fight for justice, freedom and democracy. We have stood firm in the face of intimidation and persecution, and have continued to raise our voices against corruption, abuse of power and the suppression of human rights.”

    According to Bobi, he is particularly inspired by the courage and determination of “our youth.” “Despite bearing the brunt of the regime’s brutality, you have stood up for what you believe in and have not been afraid to speak out against injustice. Your voices remain a major driving force behind our cause, and I am proud to stand alongside you in this fight. As we look ahead to 2023, we remain hopeful and determined to continue our struggle for a brighter future for all Ugandans.”

    Bobi acknowledges that “the road ahead will not be easy” but notes that “with your support and solidarity, we will keep fighting for the change that we know is possible.”

    Therefore, he said: “let us continue to work together and keep the fire burning in our hearts.”

    “Let us never lose sight of our mission, nor be discouraged by the challenges that will come our way. We are in this together.”



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    My Time Is Up, Dr. Kizza Besigye Speaks Out On Quitting Active Politics: Says 2026 Won’t Be Any Magical Because M7 Is The Electoral Commission



    Four-time Presidential candidate, Col RTD Dr. Kizza Besigye has for the first time hinted at retiring from active politics.Dr. Besigye ha been in the country’s political scene since 2001 and has contested for Presidency in 2001, 2006, 2011 and in 2016. The former opposition Forum for Democratic Change – FDC Party President was Friday speaking at a memorial service for the Busiro South MP late John Patrick Musisi at Namuzzi village, Ssisa sub-county in Wakiso on Friday, Besigye when he said that the Bible he believes in prescribed seventy as the life expectancy. Dr. Besigye, a former ally of President Yoweri Musevei is currently aged 66.

    “I have four years to continue with this struggle,” KB (as a section of his supporters call him is reported by the URN to have said. He said that during the remaining period, he would commit his entire effort to fight until freedom is achieved.

    Besigye turns 70 in four years.

    He, however, criticizes those who do not believe in an age limit in the performance of given functions, adding that the age limit was a biblical prescription.

    Earlier on, he described as futile efforts by the opposition in Uganda to dislodge the ruling National Resistance Movement (NRM) from power using the ballot. He said that the same NRM is suffocating political parties and as such, will never allow those parties to freely organize.

    He said he had listened to the Leader of Opposition in Parliament (LOP) Mathias Nsamba Mpuuga outlining the legislative agenda for 2023. Besigye said the year 2026 would not be a magical year even if the agreed joint opposition candidate wins because Museveni is the Electoral Commission” and the “courts in case of electoral litigation.”

    Besigye said the late Patrick Musisi who died in 2005 still lives because of the struggle he started, the struggle for freedom still continues through the people he mentored. He said Musisi worked for the unity of the opposition to struggle for that freedom and the conditions he was militating against still obtain as critical opposition is denied space and assembly.

    He also noted the rampant illegal arrests and abductions, all of which he said needed Ugandans working together to make a new beginning and a transition before they can think of political ideologies and colors.

    In attendance was a host of current and former MPs, politicians, and religious and cultural leaders who attended the ceremony. MPs included Muwanga Kivumbi (Butambala), Dr Lulume Bayiga (Buikwe South), Joseph Sewungu (Kalungu West), Robert Ssekitoleeko (Bamunanika), Betty Ethel Naluyima (Woman – Wakiso) and Asumani Basaalirwa (Bugiri).

    Other politicians included former MPs Ibrahim Kasozi, Salam Musumba, Latiff Ssebaggala, and Paul Mwiru.

    Sadam Gayira, President of the People’s Progressive Party (PPP) said the NRM was a tree already eaten by ants and that the opposition only needed to push in a common direction or else that tree hits the house and animals.

    Dr. Bayiga said that the late Musisi generously invested in them as budding politicians in the Uganda Young Democrats-UYD.

    Samuel Lubega Mukaku, said the opposition was not making any gains when he sees an opposition party recruiting from a fellow opposition party.

    While the opposition continues to wail, the NRM senior supporters including the Vice President Jessica Alupo are already canvassing for support for Museveni ahead of the 2026 polls.


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