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Why Are You Using Our Children As A Weapon In Our Disagreements Without Minding About Their Future – Bujjingo Stings Wife Naluswa…



House of Prayers Ministries International Pastor Aloysius Bugingo has rubbished claims from her confused wife Teddy Naluswa Bujjingo that he has neglected his family and failed to pay school fees for their children.

On Wednesday, Naluswa while at their marital home at Kitende, Wakiso district told a group of journalists that Bujjingo has failed to pay school fees to their 4 year old son Isaac Bugingo who is still in nursery school and Jennifer Blessed Bujjingo (19) who is at Makerere university.

Naluswa said that Bujjingo has even failed to provide food and other needs to his family yet he knows that she is a house wife who is not working. Naluswa further alleged that Bujjingo cut off all her money supply. She pleaded with Rebecca Kadaga, the speaker of parliament and the Youth junior minister Nakiwala Kiyingi to come to her rescue and force Bujjingo to take care to his family.

On Wednesday, Bujjingo addressed the press at his Lugujja based Salt media offices and refuted Naluswa’s allegations.

“People have been calling me advising me to pay school fees for my children but why are people advising me based on false accusations. I was not privileged to study during my childhood but if I decided to pay school fees for other people’s children who are not biologically mine, why would I deny my own blood their right for education?

Why is Teddy using our children without minding their future as a weapon in our disagreements? Let me tell you the truth, I have been paying school fees for my children since I left that posh house in Kitende. Unfortunately, I’ve not yet received this coming school term’s bank slips from my school going children and I have been asking the people we chose together with Teddy why they are not giving me the bank slips,” Bujjingo said.

He revealed that through the church elders, he has been spending shs400,000 to fuel the car that transports their children to school, pay people who are providing security at their posh house in Kitende and providing other needs including food. In a month, Bujjingo said he spends shs3.2m on household items for his family and he has been giving Naluswa money through her brother Charles Kyomu.

He challenged Naluswa to bring evidence that she has been receiving calls from Makerere university administrators demanding for their children’s tuition.  He denied Naluswa’s allegations that he ordered his security to harass his children at his office when they come to pick their school fees.

He told Naluswa to stop crying crocodile tears before the cameras and lying to the public because she knows her allegations are false.

Bujjingo said that he doesn’t have any personal security personnel and insisted that it was a planned move to character assassinate him before the public.

Bujjingo with his daughter Doreen who has lately become very abusive


The man of God pleaded with minister Nakiwala Kiyingi to rescue him from Naluswa’s tactical skills aimed at finishing him. He said that he wants to pay for all his family needs through legal offices known by government like the office of the ministry of children and youth affairs because he is tired of Naluswa’s false accusations even after paying for all basic family requirements.

He further revealed that even when Naluswa opened up a domestic violence case against him, he was exonerated by police detectives. The flamboyant pastor said that he is very determined to pay school fees for the rest of his children after paying for his eldest daughter Gift Doreen Bujjingo who graduated with a degree in Telecom Engineering from Makerere University.

The tough speaking Bujjingo added that he is even willing to pay for Doreen’s needs through Minister Nakiwala Kiyingi even though she already has 2 children and she has never introduced the father of the kids to him.


Bujjingo further revealed that there is a well-planned mission by his enemies through Naluswa to cripple his rapid growing Salt Media company and House of Prayer Ministries church.

“There are people with evil intentions of putting down salt media and house of prayer ministries. These people’s goal now is to character assassinate me because they know I’m the main character in all those entities,” Bujjingo revealed.

He explained that the reason why the claims of not paying his children’s school fees have come up now is because he is preparing the church’s annual independence night at Namboole National stadium in October.

Joseph Tamale Mirundi, the presidential adviser on media was the first to reveal a deadly mission to finish Bujjingo because he is a threat to the mafia.

Mirundi said that there are some people in State House and top pastors who think that Bujjingo is working for first son Muhoozi Kaneirugaba who many see as Museveni’s successor after 2021. Mirundi insisted that the mission to finish Bujjingo is very wide and people have already received roles to pull him down at all cost.

By Alirabaki Sengooba



I Swear Upon God It Wasn’t Me: Saleh Distances Himself From Ndeeba Church Demolition Before Kazimba…



Gen. Salim Saleh, the coordinator of Operation Wealth Creation (OWC) has distanced himself from the demolition of St Peters Church Ndeeba in Kampala.

There were media reports that had started linking Saleh as the invisible hand funding Dodoviko Mwanje, the man who facilitated the demolition of the church.

While addressing the House of Bishops led by Archbishop Stephen Kazimba at Kawanda Research Institute, Saleh said that he was saddened by allegations that he was behind the extinction of the church.

“I’m (always) here in Kapeeka, I haven’t got time to respond, I’m hearing Saleh you are grabbing land, am I a mad person to grab a church? So for that matter, I want to swear before you the Bishops and Archbishop that in the name of God I’m not involved in that church demolition issues,” Saleh assured the House of Bishops from the Anglican faith on Wednesday.


By Grapevine Reporters


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Tumukunde Officially Kicks Off His Race To State House, Launches Presidential Bid…



Former Uganda People’s Defence Forces (UPDF) senior military officer and presidential aspirant, Lt. Gen. (Rtd) Henry Tumukunde has today officially unveiled his presidential bid at Kololo, as he prepares to face his former boss and bush war comrade, President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni in the forthcoming 2021 general elections.

Gen. Tumukunde who arrived at his Kololo based offices at 10am was welcomed by his wife and other politicians from different parts of the country also launched his pressure group ‘Kisoboka’, which directly translates to “it’s possible”.  The retired general who will stand on an independent card will now ride his presidential ambitions under the slogan, “A renewed Uganda, It is possible,” and will be identified by the colour orange.

Led by Hon. Beatrice Kiraso, Chairman bodaboda Association of Uganda, Charles Ndugwa, business community led by Frank Gashumba, lawyers, among other dignitaries from all corners of the country were present at the function.

Gen Tumukunde earlier this week revealed that he has in the previous weeks been soaked in activities purposed to build solid structures and systems that will aid his campaign thrive once he embarks on the race to persuade voters.

“I don’t know how quiet I have been but I believe in having networks and sorting out links to people from whom you expect votes. So I don’t know if that is being very quiet,” the soft spoken General argued.

On voluntarily retiring from his position as senior military officer on 3rd/May/2020. The former spy chief right then declared his ambition to preside over Uganda, and vowed to contest and defeat the incumbent President Museveni in the 2021 elections.


By Baron Kironde


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I Want To Look At Bobi’s Academic Papers, Someone Born In  1982 Cannot Join Primary One At Two Years Of Age! – Mabirizi Questions EC Over Kyagulanyi Nomination…



Contentious city lawyer, Male Mabirizi has petitioned the Electoral Commission to avail him with the academic documents of Kyadondo East Member of Parliament (MP) and National Unity Platform (NUP) leader, Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu alias Bobi Wine.

On Tuesday, The EC announced that Kyagulanyi was among 8 other candidates picked nomination forms to stand for presidency, taking the total number of applicants to 19, after 10 others collected theirs on Monday.

In a petition dated 10th/August/2020, Mabirizi wrote to the Electoral Commission secretary requesting for certified copies of Kyagulanyi’s nomination academic papers for the Kyadondo East by-election, in which the latter eventually emerged victorious.

The introductory part of the petition read; “I address you in my capacity as a civically active Uganda well aware of your constitutional duty as elaborated under Article 61(1)(d) of the Constitution to organize, conduct and supervise elections and referenda in Uganda and you indeed held a bye-election in Kyadondo East bye-election where Robert Kyagulanyi participated as a candidate and declared winner and now a sitting Member of Parliament.”

The lawyer noted that section 4(3)( C) of the Parliamentary Elections Act ,2005 provides that a person is only qualified to be an MP if that person has completed a minimum formal education of at least Advanced level standard or its equivalent of the Ugandan Education system, a fact he says he wants to prove.

Mabirizi persisted that the EC must have therefore have been availed with his academic documents to prove Kyagulanyi completed the Uganda Advanced Certificate of Education or its equivalent before nominating him. Mabirizi now demands to have a look at the NUP leader’s papers.

“The required documents are required to satisfy my doubts that the said Kyagulanyi Robert Ssentamu possesses the said qualifications given that as per his details via the parliamentary website, he was born in 1982 and sat A- level in 1998. Implying that if the birth year is true, he sat A-level at 16 years, O-level at 13 years PLE at nine years and joined primary one at two years,” Mabirizi insinuated.

The lawyer insisted that his doubts can only be satisfied by looking at the academic documents tendered to the Electoral Commission in 2017 at nomination prior to the Kyadondo East by-election.

Robert Kyagulanyi is currently legally battling allegations of illegally obtaining, taking over and changing the National Unity, Reconciliation and Development Party (NURP) into the National Unity Platform and later assuming it’s presidency.

The provocative lawyer has in the past been notably known to contentiously dare the head of state, the state itself and various state officials to legal battles in the courts of law. And for a traditional Muganda man who has petitioned his cultural leader before, Mabirizi’s latest move is significantly so typical of him. For many however, mostly Kyagulanyi’s fanatics have deemed his action as an attempt to seek relevance to shelter his ambitious political career, on a hint that he could vie for the upcoming 2021 general election.


By Baron Kironde


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