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WHY I’M TELLING UGANDANS TO GET NATIONAL IDs: Bobi Wine Answers Critics, Lays Down His Strategy On How He Plans To Take Over Power



Dear friends,

I have seen a few comments on social media seemingly wondering how our call on the people to register as voters will rid Uganda of dictator Yoweri Kaguta Museveni. Some have raised doubts that an election, organized by Museveni’s controlled Electoral Commission can rid our nation of Museveni and Musevenism. Indeed, there are some comrades who have suggested that we should forget about 2021 and kick Museveni out of power before the end of 2019- Algeria or Sudan style.

These are legitimate voices and we completely respect the viewpoints. I am happy that despite the real or perceived differences in strategy, there is one constant- all of us acknowledge that it is time for Museveni to go, like all the other despots before him. To me, agreeing on this fundamental point is very important.
Let me use this opportunity to clarify on a few things.

To begin with, we are not naïve. We are fully cognizant that Museveni has rigged the past elections with impunity. There is no doubt whatsoever that similar attempts will be made during the next election. Only a few days ago, Kahinda Otafiire expressed clear lack of commitment on the part of government to implement electoral reforms as recommended by the Supreme Court after the 2016 election.

We are even aware of plans by Museveni and his regime to amend laws so as to block
our participation in the next election. Those who have cast doubt that an election will take place at all in 2021 also have a point. As we know, ever since we massively defeated Museveni in Kyadondo East, Jinja-East, Bugiri, Rukungiri and Arua, he decided to illegally halt all by-elections in the new constituencies, because he could not contain the pressure caused by the wave. As we speak, because of the massive victories in the key guild elections in favor of People Power, several universities have been directed to disqualify People Power candidates. Where they have been nominated, the regime has deployed its cadres to bribe voters and interfere with the voting process. We are therefore mindful of all these factors- even as we call on you all to register as voters.


Firstly, we believe that the citizens of Uganda have a right and duty AT ALL TIMES to defend the Constitution of Uganda which Museveni has violated, abrogated with impunity and amended contrary to its provisions. It will be remembered that Article 3(4) of the Constitution bestows upon us, as citizens, the right and duty to do everything within our power to restore the constitutional order which has been violated- at all times. That is why we called upon you, the people of Uganda, to defend the Constitution when it was raped in 2017. That is why we have persistently mobilized peaceful assemblies to rally the masses against several violations. At a personal level, I have supported and continue to support any cause that is intended to bring down dictatorship in Uganda! That is why our team works every day to put an end to all injustices against our people- from extortionist taxes, unemployment, etc. Putting an end to bad governance is our business – first and foremost.

In this regard, we are encouraged by the people of Algeria who in the past weeks forced a dictator to resign; and the people of Sudan who through peaceful protests forced a powerful despot to give way. While we are aware that our brothers and sisters in those countries are yet to achieve full freedom after their efforts are being hijacked by those who wield guns, we celebrate with them the victory of removing the biggest stumbling blocks in their path to freedom. We are encouraged by their example that it is possible for the most powerful of despots to come tumbling down in the face of People Power. On this point, we are in agreement with our comrades in the struggle who believe that action should be taken now. That is why we do not tire in strategizing, mobilizing our people through various activities, and making partnerships. These are all necessary steps towards empowering and readying the people to do all in their power to defend the Constitution. We are on course.

But then the intelligent question to ask becomes- WHAT NEXT?

If Museveni fell today, what would be the next step? The proper thing to do would be to demand for free and fair elections within six months as required by Article 109(2) of the Constitution. If you do not do this, you end up with the revolution being hijacked like has happened in many cases- and as we see presently in Sudan. But then, how would we participate in those elections within six months if the citizens did not register to vote? Even if we want to set up a transitional government, it should be born out of a democratic process. Those who followed the last election in Zimbabwe understand what we are talking about. Therefore this is the first point.

The second point requires that we reflect on a few past happenings. We should all recall that dictators fall in different ways. The constant is that all of them eventually fall. I am sure that President Museveni, (seeing what has happened to his counterparts who were even stronger, more manipulative and wiser than him), is aware of the catastrophe that awaits him if he does not restrain himself. Dictators do not fall the same way. What we have learnt in the past is that some fall through popular uprisings before elections (Algeria, Sudan, Burkina Faso, etc), during or after elections (Ivory Coast, Gambia, etc), coups d’etat (Mali, Zimbabwe, etc), foreign intervention (Libya, etc), natural causes (Guinea Bissau, etc) or even through conventional warfare. A few who are wise enough read the signs and hand over power peacefully (Angola, etc). The sparks are usually different. The means and circumstances are usually different. The aftermath is usually different. The constant is only one- EVERY DICTATOR WILL CERTAINLY FALL.

We have taken time to study what has gone on in the past. We have many times focused on taking Museveni out before the election period. Several campaigns have been made in this regard. I will not list all of them here, but they have only been successful in exposing Museveni and building momentum for his imminent fall. However, for one reason or another, we have not yet succeeded in the major objective- we shall discuss these reasons another time. (And Museveni should never take our past failures as a source of comfort for himself- every day is not a Sunday!)

The same leaders who have made it clear that Museveni cannot go by the ballot actually nominate as candidates and appear on the ballot! Many in the population which has been told that an election cannot work decide to shun the election process- thus explaining the millions who stay away on election day.

Moreover, we go into these elections when we are not fully prepared for them. We participate in them as a ritual. For the past elections, the forces of change have failed to achieve UNITY which we all agree would do magic. We end up without a clear strategy to protect the votes. The population is not prepared enough to reject a rigged election- IN ANY CASE ELECTIONS WERE DISCOURAGED IN THE FIRST PLACE. Therefore, this is our point of departure from our friends who are discouraging our campaign to have our citizens register as voters, even as we work with other measures.

I am persuaded beyond doubt that comrade Dr. Kizza Besigye has won at least two elections in the past and was rigged. But I also know that the win was not as decisive as it ought to be if we confronted the despot as a more united and prepared front. Because of the weaknesses I have highlighted, the citizens have not been able to come out and assert their sovereignty and claim their victory. For example, Dr. Besigye has indicated several times that he won with 52% in the last election according to the tally he put in place. I believe however that if a lot more had been done two or three years prior to the election (to unite the opposition, call upon citizens to register and rally them to vote, etc) the victory would have been much higher and therefore more difficult to tamper with. For example, in the 2016 election, close to 5 million registered voters stayed away from the polls. Many more adult Ugandans did not even bother to register in the first place, why?, probably because of they were discouraged by the forces of change.
We must remember that dictators are better dealt with if defeated by a knock-out!

Comrades, we should do everything possible to defend the Constitution and restore constitutional governance in our country. Adding to what we have been doing, we shall intensify our efforts- working with all forces of change. If we succeed before the next election like Algeria or Sudan have, the better for our country. But let us not lose sight of the constitutional and Internatinally recognized opportunity that we shall have in 2021. We cannot afford not to prepare for an election and then decide to participate when the population has been turned away from the process. THE LESSONS OF THE PAST 20 YEARS SHOULD HAVE MADE THIS CLEAR TO US. We can overwhelm Museveni in an election organized by his own Electoral Commission – it happened in Ivory Coast, it happened in the Gambia and many other examples.

Should Museveni manipulate the laws and try to stop or extend the elections or even to prevent us from participating, that will be another conversation and we shall awaken the people of Uganda to do the needful. For now, I call upon all of you to REGISTER and get your National-IDs. Power to the millions of you who have responded to our call. We are making this case to all comrades in the struggle. We hope to persuade them to see our viewpoint because we believe that we are stronger when all of us are on the same page. A PEOPLE UNITED SHALL NEVER BE DEFEATED.

Your brother and comrade in the struggle,

Hon.Kyagulanyi ssentamu – Bobi Wine



We Arrested Kabuleta! He Called The President A Gambler, Thief And A Liar – Police Speaks Out On Preacher’s Arrest



Police spokesperson CP Fred Enanga has revealed that the Uganda police have arrested Watchman ministries preacher Joseph Kabuleta.
The statement from Enanga says that Kabuleta aas arrested because of offensive communication against the person of the President.
“This is to inform the public that a team of detectives from the Special Investigations Division has today arrested Joseph Kabuleta, a self -styled pastor, and put him under custody. He has been apprehended because of offensive communication against the person of the President.
According to preliminary information, the writer repeatedly posted grossly offensive messages, under “Joseph Kabuleta Weekly Rant Returns,” referring to the Fountain of Honor as “a Gambler, Thief and Liar”. Section 25 of the Computer Misuse Act, 2011, criminalizes such acts of communication,” Enanga’s statement reads.
Enanga adds, “We once again want to caution all those who glorify such communication particularly through social media, that though it is public space, it is not protected. Therefore, any postings of false fabrications will attract punishment in accordance with the laws.
The public is further advised to think first about what they say on social media. The joint forces will continue using the acquired capabilities to monitor comments on social media and any offenders will be investigated and punished. Investigations into the conduct of Joseph Kabuleta are ongoing and more information will be availed as investigations unfold.”

By Doreen Menezer

The statement from Police


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Don’t Mistake Gen Muhoozi’s Niceness For Weakness, You Will Soon Start Chewing Elephant Grass Thinking It Is Sugarcane – Kabuleta Warned For Attacking Muhoozi



Sam Okello, a concerned Ugandan has answered back to Joseph Kabuleta’s attack on the first son Muhoozi Kainerugaba.

In his weekly rant on his Facebook page, Kabuleta said that much as President Museveni is trying to groom his son Muhoozi as the next leader, the son does not have the qualities of his father (Museveni) and he carries the tormented look of someone struggling to match people’s expectations of him.

In response to Kabuleta’s rant, Sam Okello, a Muhoozi diehard warned Kabuleta not to misatke Gen Muhoozi’s niceness for weakness otherwise he will soon start chewing elephant grass thinking it is sugarcane.


Mr. Joseph Kabuleta, first and foremost I am sorry if I am addressing you by a fittingly deserved title considering I know little or nothing about you.

I am at crossroads on whether to address you as a journalist, an altar boy, the chief yes-man or chief bootlicker of ‘Prophet’ Elvis Mbonye.

Well, may be all those titles are as useless as the white colour on our Ugandan flag. What I am trying to say? I have come across your gibberish tirade titled the “MAFIA EMPIRE AND THE TRANSITION” and I must say that the only good thing about your rant was the English. Perhaps, if you had lived during the times of King Louis XVI, his arrogant wife, Marie Antoinette would have taken you as an adopted son.

For a long time, you have written very toxic, sentimental articles about the Fountain of honour- President Yoweri Museveni and the First Family. You have nastily tried to portray how Museveni is setting ground for his son, Muhoozi Kainerugaba to take over as President.

In your rant, you have littered and belittled Lt Gen Muhoozi Kainerugaba as a man with no iota of charm to lead. From your rant, you certainly have no idea what a charming character you are missing in Gen Muhoozi’s personality.

The Muhoozi you don’t know is an independent, sober-minded, self-controlled, hospitable, gentle and non-violent human being you will ever interact with.

Ugandans will forever be indebted for his bravery where he led the UPDF soldiers in the ADF battle in Bundibugyo, the war against Joseph Kony in Northern Uganda, the war against the Al Shabab in Somalia, among others. Aren’t those just more than enough attributes for one to be a leader?

Kabuleta is mistaking Gen Muhoozi’s niceness for weakness. He will soon start chewing elephant grass thinking it is sugarcane. In the first place, Uganda is not a monarch. Uganda is the fulcrum of multiparty democracy and has a supreme Constitution which allows its citizens to choose their leaders frequently after 5 years. Like Dr Prem Jagyasi says, the likes of Kabuleta need to remove the blinders from their eyes to have a neutral, level-headed and logical viewpoint, lest he will liken Uganda to his briefcase Church Ministry whose leadership is hereditary.

If tomorrow Gen Muhoozi declares bid for presidency and Ugandans think he can do a good job then why not? Should he be denied his constitutional right simply because he is First Son?

The reigning President of Kenya Uhuru Kenyatta is a living testimony. He was only 3 years when his father Jomo Kenyatta became the first president of the republic of Kenya. Like any other citizen, Uhuru humbly rose through the political ranks and now he is serving his second term in office having garnered 54% of the popular vote.

The Bush family in U.S is another example of father to son presidency. George H.W Bush became the 41st U.S president from 1989 t0 1993 and 8 years later, his eldest son George W Bush was democratically elected President and diligently served for two terms in the White House.

Other countries that have democratically had father to son Presidents include Togo, South Korea, Gabon, Philippines and India. In fact, in Pakistan, a husband, Asif Ali Zardari took over from his wife, Benazir Bhutto as President.

So, Gen Muhoozi who recently clocked 45 years of age may take the same root if Ugandans find him a suitable candidate.

The majority of Uganda’s population is predominantly made up of young people. In fact 78% of our population is below 30years of age and 49.3% is under the age of 15 years. So what is wrong with young people adoring a fellow youthful Muhoozi as their mentor?

The humble advice to Kabuleta and a few others with the same class of thought, is that the power to remove a leader in a democratic Uganda is through the ballot, not even the curse of Ham can do the magic because leaders come from God. Uganda is not a football game that you want to prophesy who will win the match. I rest my case.


It started with sporadic appearances at events, a few dreary speeches, and plenty of social media activity but now it’s clear to every discerning eye that The First Son (official title) is crawling out of his hole like a squirrel.

Even his bevy of paid promoters are becoming bolder in their proclamations; calling him “our next president” in their tweets. Knowing who these people are, and how close they are to the junta, that is more than idle talk.

Clearly, whatever has been cooking under the scenes is about to be unleashed. And it has been several years in the making, starting in the mid-90s with a recruitment of young, graduate soldiers who were in effect Muhoozi’s boys. As that crop grew through the ranks, although not as meteorically as the man they were enrolled to serve, the recruitment net was cast wider.

About twelve years ago, a close colleague raised the subject in a cavalier but serious way, if you know what I mean. He knows me to be a bit of a firebrand, a mover, so to speak, and thought those qualities were being wasted in sports. I could be an asset in their push for the presidency of “our age mate”.

I was at crossroads in my life at the time but I could not involve myself in any venture for which I had no conviction. I would have to lock my conscience in a maximum security prison to be part of an operation that turns our country into a monarchy. Even then, I suspect my conscience would stage a prison break to rival Michael Scofield and find its way back into my heart. The gentleman who was inviting me is now a cabinet minister and was one of the organizers of the recent 45th birthday party thrown for the First Son at Munyonyo. It was more than just a hyped revelry that made the front pages of the New Vision. It bore the markings of an initiation, or a rite of passage. It was a coming of age, so to speak. It’s no wonder that the main protagonist noted how it was his first public birthday celebration in 33 years. The last time was in 1986 (!!!)

Uganda has often been referred to as a Mafia State by many of its disillusioned citizens so permit me to juxtapose the affairs of this state with the Godfather trilogy of movies taken from Mario Puzo’s fabled novel that bears the same title.

The head of the family Vito Corleone is frail and goes into semi-retirement. His son Michael, who was once determined to live a normal life away from his family’s criminal empire, is the new boss even if his ageing father lurks in the background. The Capos of the family and the Consiglieri, the executioner in chief, doubt if the young and reticent Michael can take after his father.

But how wrong they are. Michael earns his stripes by arranging for the simultaneous execution of the heads of the five rival families, followed by an internal cleansing in which all family traitors are also killed. Almost overnight, the once demure army veteran and family man became even more ruthless than his father.

In one of the most iconic scenes from the movie, all the Capos come and kiss Michael’s hand, acknowledging him as the new Don. Muhoozi’s birthday party had a similar feel; an opportunity for his “age-mates” who have served the old man to pledge their allegiance to him.

In the eyes of the Uganda mafia family, the support structure to uphold the new Don is already in place.

The regular army has been systematically disengaged and replaced with Muhoozi’s SFC. Many of the old guard have found solace in business, farming and NAADS. The rest are quietly disillusioned. It was General David Sejjusa who first stood up to resist what he called “The Muhoozi Project” and he got his comeuppance in the form of a stint in exile followed by total oblivion. It was said that even the Late General Aronda Nyakairima was opposed to it and that’s why he was sent out to the Ministry of Internal Affairs, but what do I know?

The project also needs a ‘friendly’ police and the appointment of Major General Sabiiti Muzeyi as Deputy Inspector General of Police was the first step in that direction. It has since been followed by other appointments of army officers into police in what Army Spokesperson Brig Richard Karemire described as “cross pollination between sister security agencies”.

It would be cross pollination if police officers were also being appointed in the army, but they aren’t. So it is in actuality a military invasion of police and it is all a part of preparing for the new Don.

The net has also been cast in the media. Cedric Babu, a close friend of Muhoozi’s, now heads Uganda Broadcasting Corporation (UBC) and by kowtowing to the new Don, Robert Kabushenga has ensured that there will be no need to appoint a younger person to head the New Vision empire.

Then there is the war chest. The billions that have been set part for the purpose. NRM MPs approved the $379m for the fake Lubowa Hospital investor because they were told it’s the money they will be given for campaigns, and that’s not about all. More money will be minted and printed for that purpose, because the Godfather, having gathered illicit wealth for 35 years, will be looking to keep it within the family. After all, they say there is no success without a successor. Key sectors in government and finance are being held by old and near-senile people with no ambition while in the interim Muhoozi kids are entrenching themselves below. It is a discreet but systematic takeover.

SFC is in charge of natural resources and national parks while the First Family have their fingers in every major cash-generating venture. It’s not just greed. It’s control. It’s as much about getting the money as it is about keeping it from rivals. So that by 2021, only one camp is liquid. Those who bow and kiss the hand of the new Don are rewarded with the means to live. The rest merely survive or worse.

But the biggest hindrance to the Muhoozi project is the man himself.

Unfortunately for Museveni, qualities like political sagaciousness and charisma are not necessarily transmitted through genes. Muhoozi has no allure beyond the privilege of being his father’s son. He has no personality, no aura, no charm. He carries the tormented look of someone struggling to match people’s expectations of him. Even at the aforementioned birthday party, he looked stoic and disinterested, like he would rather be somewhere else. Somewhere he doesn’t have to be the centre of attention and doesn’t have to give a speech.

Then there was his much-hyped interview on UBC with veteran journalist Tony Owana. As much as I tried to keep an open mind, I couldn’t last the duration of the discourse. For a moment I was tempted to blame the interviewer, who was overly excited and animated like an intern meeting his childhood idol. But I spared a thought for him because I suppose Muhoozi is not an easy person to interview. The dialogue never got out of first gear. Dressed in full combat with his beret hanging under the ranks on his shoulder, he spoke about key moments in his life as if they had been lived for him, and gave one-line answers to open-ended questions like: “Tell us about Sandhurst?” He sounded more like a suspect being interrogated by police, trying not to give anything away, than like a potential politician, much less a president. He has lived too long in his father’s shadow and his only exposure is to the wealth and privilege that surrounds him. He cannot relate with the poverty that his father has inflicted on Ugandans. I would be hard-pressed to mention anyone more ill-suited to be a leader.

The big question for Ugandans is: How and when are they planning to make this transition?

The First Son is already being sent on foreign missions on behalf of his father and is meeting ambassadors and dignitaries, and tweeting about it.  Maybe the Godfather is planning to go into semi-retirement after rigging the 2021 elections and take on an advisory role as his son runs the Family Business called Uganda Limited. Or maybe, just maybe, the transition happens within NRM and the country adopts a Parliamentary System in which the party with the most elected legislators takes the presidency. Whatever their plans, I know for sure that the reality will be different. The Mafia empire is crumbling and Uganda will return to Ugandans.

Extracted from Joseph Kabuleta’s Weekly Rant via his facebook page under the title “MAFIA EMPIRE AND THE TRANSITION”


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INTERVIEW: Nantaba Warns Gen. Salim Saleh, You Are Helping Mafias Who Want To Kill Me, They Think That There Is Gold In Kayunga And They Are Evicting People



Kayunga woman Member of Parliament (MP) who also doubles as the state minister for information and Technology Aidah Nantaba has blasted president Museveni’s young brother Salim Saleh for supporting her tormentors who want her dead.

In an exclusive interview with the Grapevine, Nantaba revealed that all her troubles are financed by General Saleh’s men because she refused their proposal to help them turn Kayunga land into a sugar cane plantation zone like it is in the greater Busoga region.

“General Saleh, let me tell you, I know all the missions your people have planned against me but with God’s mercy they will never defeat me,” a furious Nantaba said.

“One day they gave me money to sell my people of Kayunga. I know that they are using sugarcane growing as an excuse, these mafias think that there is gold in Kayunga land. They are chasing away people from their land but I won’t let them,” Nantaba added. She revealed that when she refused to sell her people, the mafias decided to use his henchman Kariisa Karangwa, the NRM chairperson Kayunga district to torment her. She said that in the 2016 general election, mafias in the government spent a lot of money but because Kayunga voters appreciate the work she has done for them, she managed to beat them with a difference of 800,000 votes.

Nantaba explained that after defeating the mafias, they tried their next move of killing her using assassins.

“Do you remember what the late Kirumira said? He said that whether you keep quiet or you speak, they will kill you, so let me also speak out and they kill me,” Nantaba said.

She revealed that mafias in the government have facilitated her opponents with Shs2bn to defeat her in the next general elections. She disclosed that this is the money that Kalangwa is using to popularize her daughter who is planning to stand against her in the next general elections.

When we asked Nantaba whether she is going to stand in the next elections on the NRM ticket, she told us that she left NRM party and she is planning a comeback.


Concerning the court summons issued against her by Mukono magistrate court, on the murder of Ronald Sebulime, Nantaba laughed loudly.

She said that Sebulime’s family lawyer Muwada Nkunyingi is being used by Karangwa and she has information that Muwada and Karangwa meet in Jinja every weekend.

“Don’t tell me anything about that fool, he is a poor man who is looking for survival. He is always going to that mafia Karangwa in Jinja and he gives him shs300,000 to fight Nantaba, he will not manage me,” the Kayunga Iron lady warned. She told us that she is still consulting her lawyers on the way forward concerning the court case but she insisted that Sebulime was a murderer.

She sent a strong message to Sebulime’s family that they have been surviving on blood money because he was being used by mafias to assassinate Ugandans.

She said that Sebulime’s family must understand that when the mafias discovered that he had failed to finish the mission (of killing Nantaba), they had to eliminate him because he was going to exposes them.

She wondered where police director of CID put the statement she recorded from her home because she thought that it was going to be used in the investigations. She insisted that if court insists on prosecuting her, they will be compromised by the mafias and vowed to fight to the last man.

“Where is the motorcycle that Sebulime was riding, that bike was not registered from here and why is that man David Ssali who shot Sebulime not included on the charge sheet with me?” Nantaba asked.

By Jamil Lutakome


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