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Why Should They Serve Me The President’s Letter Through Social Media? –  Sakwa Speaks Out On M7 Letter Directing Him To Leave Office….



Embattled Jinja Resident District Commissioner (RDC) Eric Sakwa has asked why they had to serve him a letter from the president directing him to leave office through social media.

In a phone conversation with the Grapevine, Sakwa, who told us that the mafias have indeed finished him off said, “I don’t know how true it is because I have not yet received the letter and right now I am going for a meeting but surely, why should they serve me the letter through social media?”

He added that he thought that the president was going to save him but it seems the lies the mafias told the President traveled faster than his truth.

In a letter dated 15th May 2020, President Museveni directed Sakwa to leave office with immediate effect for two months.

Museveni told Sakwa that his issue is not a political matter that needs dialogue but a serious criminal issue which should be handled by the office of the Directorate of Public Prosecution (DPP) and courts.

“A Ugandan dying is very serious. It is in the interest of, first and foremost Sakwa for the fact to come out establishing the Truth. Was Sakwa on the scene when the LDUs were beating a mwanainchi? That would be bad enough even if the mwanainchi did not die. Violence by security forces should only be in self-defense, if a suspect is violent. Even then it should only be violence to subdue the suspect and arrest him not anything else,” M7 said.

He added that he was also informed that Sakwa was not at the scene when the Mwanainchi was beaten and that a section of people in Jinja have framed him because of the good work he has been doing, he however advised Sakwa that this will be ascertained from the evidence which will be presented in court.

Yesterday, the deputy registrar Fred Waninda issued a directive stopping anybody from interfering with Sakwa’s work as the Jinja RDC until his judicial review application which he filed at the high court in Jinja challenging the way he was interdicted from the office of the RDC is heard.

Sakwa ran to the High Court challenging the way he was interdicted. He said that Hajji Yusuf Kakande, the State House secretary does not have powers to write a letter interdicting him because he is not his supervisor. He noted that his supervisor is the Minister for presidency on behalf of the president.

Sakwa is still battling with criminal charges of manslaughter and theft in Jinja magistrate’s court.


By Sengooba Alirabaki




Nambooze Has Never Liked Bobi Wine, She Is A Selfish Person Who Keeps Shifting Camps To Survive – Gashumba Warns NUP Principal…



City businessman and political commentator, Frank Gashumba has attacked some big names in the National Unity Platform (NUP), saying they are not in the opposition movement to liberate this country from the ruling National Resistance Movement (NRM) government like they claim, but to rather are strategically positioning themselves to gain power and political advantage to liberate themselves from a dearth of wealth.

Pointing out specific names, Gashumba particularly noted out Betty Nambooze Bakireke, the Mukono Municipality representative in the 10th Parliament, who he said merely capitalizes on Bobi Wine’s current strategic political stand but does not support him a single bit.

“People are not in NUP because of the struggle, they are there because they want to self-liberate themselves. Nambooze has never like Bobi Wine, never, Bobi wine should actually listen more to people like me who are not vying for any political office,” Gashumba said.

Gashumba branded Nambooze as a certified opportunist who will jump anywhere with anyone to meet her greedy political ambitions. He weighed the legislator’s credibility so low, that he would never trust a selfish interested person who keeps shifting camps to fit her needs.

“Nambooze was in the NRM and she was arrested for corruption that’s how she ended up joining the Democratic Party because it helped her out of prison, and now she is in NUP, how do you trust such a person?” Gashumba asked, doubting the MP’s loyalty.

The outspoken political commentator on inconsistent loyalty likened Nambooze to musician and Kampala Mayoral aspirant, Joseph Mayanja alias Chameleons who has also overtime transferred from NRM, to DP, and lately to NUP.

“I’d rather hand in myself to Luzira Prison to be locked up than walk to the polling station to vote for Chameleone. What can he do for the people of Kampala?” Gashumba asked, vowing that he can not support the artist for any political elective position, more so the Lord mayorship slot.

Gashumba emphasised that incumbent Erias Lukwago is the strongest candidate for that mayoral position and will therefore retain his seat. He also insinuated that the only person who can remove Erias Lukwako from the City Hall right now is Bobi Wine. He added that Latif Sebagala quit because he could not handle the pressure.

Relatively, Gashumba revealed that President Museveni fears Bobi Wine so much he can’t let him move around freely. “If you saw what happened in Arua, it explains why Museveni cannot allow Bobi Wine to move around how he wants, what he is doing now is to try with aid of security agencies to keep him around Kampala.

Gashumba, who is highly linked to working with and spying for president Museveni of the ruling NRM went on to trash most of the notable political parties, he claimed the only genuine political parties in Uganda are DP and UPC. “Actually, I am considering picking a DP membership card because my Father was a leader of the Democratic Party in Masaka,” he added.


By Baron Kironde


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A True Champion Of The Downtrodden – DP Eulogises Seya, Even When He Left DP, He Remained Friendly And Supportive – Mao…



The Democratic Party (DP), one of the oldest political parties in Uganda to which the deceased former Kampala Mayor, Nasser Ntege Ssebaggala alias Seya built his political domain around has sent out a heartfelt message of condolence to the fallen politician’s family.

Upon hearing the news of the passing of Hajji Nasser Ntege Ssebaggala, a former DP member, party president Norbert Mao issued an official statement to the bereaved family.

“We are saddened by the death of Al Hajji Nasser Ntege Ssebaggala, former Mayor of Kampala City. We convey our condolences to you his family and indeed to the entire country upon this great loss,” part of the message read in part.

“We pay tribute to the late Haji Ssebaggala for his business acumen which saw him rise to be one of Uganda’s most enterprising and successful businessmen. We in the Democratic Party also celebrate his contribution in energizing the party at a time when parties were virtually banned,” Mao added, commending that Ssebaggala was a formidable Democrat who inspired and supported the Uganda Young Democrats in all their activities.

Mao, who was known to be regularly at logger heads for political differences with Ssebaggala says he had no personal issues with the late. He noted with a referential aspect that Ssebaggala’s brand of politics endeared him to those Frantz Fanon referred to as “the wretched of the earth”. “He mobilized the urban poor with a clear message of hope and inspired them to aspire to and fight for a better life. He was a true champion of the downtrodden commonly known as “omuntu wa wansi,” Mao said.

Mao revealed that even when Ssebaggala left the Democratic Party, he still remained friendly and supportive to the cause of Truth and Justice.

“There’s no better tribute we can give to Hajji Ssebaggala than to strive for an inclusive economy where no citizen is left behind. May Allah (SWT) judge him with Mercy as he approaches the Throne of Grace,” Mao mourned.


By Baron Kironde


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Why We Are Not Opening Churches – Pastors Bujjingo, Bugembe, Watoto Reveal Wrong Is Allowing Only 70 Congregants, Ask President To Review Decision….



Pastors Bujjingo (L) and Bugembe (R)

In his address on Sunday 20th this month, President Yoweri Museveni eased the lockdown restrictions on the places of worship by allowing churches to open, but with strictly not more than 70 people per service besides keenly following the SOPS put in place by the ministry of health to avoid the spread of the virus

To some churches in the country, this was news to rejoice about, it sounded like a total opening for them since there are churches whose following does not exceed or even reach 70 members. But for churches with a big following, it is still tricky to figure out how they will deal with their number with everyone attending the service.

House of Prayers Ministries International (HPMI) Pastor Aloysious Bujjingo thanked the President for re-opening churches but pleaded with him that the number of 70 members discriminates worshipers and because he cannot discriminate them, Canaan land will remain closed.

“Officials inspected our church and advised us that we can have a service of 8000 people per service with each person spaced 3 meters from the other on the 8.5 acres of land. The good thing is our church is not enclosed, it’s in tents and the aeration is good like the president advised,” Bujjingo said.

“We don’t want people to leave their homes and get problems at Canaan land because of the stampede when they are struggling to be among the first 70 people. The turn up at HPMI for our lunchtime services alone is over 2000 worshipers. That is why we have agreed with the elders not to have lunch hours and Sunday services for now,” he said.

Bujjingo disclosed that security at Canaan land alone is composed of 30 people and when you add the workers who take care of the place and the washrooms, the number goes to 100, “On that number, I’ve not included the choir, ushers and the elder’s team.”

Bujjingo told all believers that all HPMI services will still be conducted on Salt TV, Salt Radio, Salt Media app and all the other online media platforms as they continue discussions with the President and other stakeholders on the number.

Worship House lead pastor, Wilson Bugembe announced to his flock that there will be no attendance for church service. He urged his church members to instead stay home and catch the Sunday service on-line, and on air (Social media and TV/Radio)

“Dear Worship House Family, we are opening soon. Wait a little. We apologize. We are yet to open but Not this Sunday. For better planning and your own safety plus the 70 number we were given, we kindly ask that you all wait a little longer as we pray and plan better,” Bugembe wrote.

“Please stay online and on TV for this Sunday. We apologize for we know how we are all excited to come back to church. We miss you all. We shall inform you as soon as possible,” he added.

Pastor Julius Rwotlonyo, the associate team leader Watoto also made it clear that they will have no physical services at any of their locations but will continue to gather as a church family online and on air as they pray for more favourable conditions.

“Our desire is to ensure that all of our church members have a meaningful experience in our church services, while we observe national guidelines for the health and safety of our congregation and volunteer teams. With the restriction of a maximum of 70 people at a celebration service and no in-person children’s church services, we will have no physical services at any of our locations but we will continue to gather as a church family online and on-air as we pray for more favourable conditions,” he said, adding that their pastoral team is discussing ways that their gatherings in various communities can resume.

Church of Uganda Archbishop Stephen Samuel Kaziimba wondered how the churches will split thousands of worshippers into small congregations of 70 people spread across the different services on Sundays.

“It will be impossible for the entire congregation to be able to gather in different groups of 70 people for a corporate worship service. My own cathedral, for example, averages 4,000 people on a Sunday. To cater for all the 4,000 people in groups of 70, we would need to schedule 57 different worship services, which is simply not practical,” the Kaziimba told journalists this week at his residence in Namirembe, Rubaga Division.

On march 25th the president declared a lockdown on places of worship as a measure to avoid the spread of the virus in the country and since then, churches adapted the use of social media to spread the gospel to different people.

With the help of different media houses, mega churches have gradually embraced the trend of non-pysical gatherings, and have been having their services aired out on different TV and radio stations so that all Christians and church members of different churches are reached out to in this pandemic.


By Baron Kironde


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