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    Why We Don’t Support Gen. Katumba Becoming President – Family Members Warn; Disclose Why They Decided Not To Go To Court After Attack On Minister’s Life That Took His Daughter And Driver…



    COU leader Archbishop Kazimba Mugalu praying for Gen. Katumba Wamala

    Catherine Mariam Nantongo (83), the sister to the Minister for Works and Transport, Gen. Katumba Wamala has revealed why they don’t want him to ever think of becoming President of Uganda.

    Speaking to theGrapevine, Nantongo said that as a family, they don’t support Katumba to become president and they will be happy when he retires.

    “We don’t support the idea of him becoming president and we will be the happiest when he retires,” she said.

    She further added that they are very much aware that he is a people person but for the sake of his safety they don’t support him becoming president.

    Nantongo divulged that what is disturbing the people who wanted to kill Katumba is jealous, hatred and anger, that is why they are praying that he retires so that all such rumours cease.

    Katumba receives an envelope of cash from President Museveni

    Nantongo made these remarks at a function in Kikandwa village, Mukono district at St. Andrew’s Kikandwa Church of Uganda where the family of Katumba Wamala was remembering the late Brenda Nantongo and Haruna (Katumba’s driver), who were killed on 1st  June, 2021.

    The attack targeted General Katumba Wamala who also escaped with bullets in the arm.

    The function also involved baptizing of newborns in Katumba’s family who included Ganza Katumba Wamala and Dorah Tiana Musiime.

    The occasion was graced by a number of dignitaries who included His Grace Archbishop Stephen Kazimba Mugalu, Prime Minister Robinah Nabbanja, Deputy Speaker Rt. Hon. Thomas Tayebwa, Third Deputy Prime Minister Lukia Nakadama, Health Minister Jane Ruth Achieng, Minister of Internal Affairs David Muhoozi, Minister for Energy Ruth Nankabirwa and Members of Parliament.

    Other members who graced the occasion included, tycoon Godfrey Kirumira, tycoon Mutaasa Kafeero and ‘Baggaga Kwagalana’ Members.

    Addressing masses at the occasion, Katumba started by appreciating everyone in their capacities for honouring his invitation and for standing with him in both good and in bad times.

    Katumba noted, “I want to thank God for a second chance at life, as you all remember, 1st June, 2021 was a dark day for our family. I saw many of you who stood by my side and I have nothing I can give back other than loving you back. That is the only gift I can give you.

    “Today, I stand before you as a testimony that God is faithful and merciful. It is by His grace that I am not being referred to as the late Katumba. I thank H.E Museveni for standing by me. I want to thank him for being fatherly.”

    Katumba disclosed that in appreciation to God for giving him a second chance to life, he found it befitting to gather his friends to build a house for God.

    “I thought that this is the only way I can significantly say thank you Lord. I realised I had no other gift for God. But I thought to myself, I have my friends and am also still alive, why don’t I call them and we combine effort and build the house of God,” Katumba said.

    When the contributions to the construction of St. Andrew Kikandwa Church of Uganda kicked off, President Museveni contributed Shs.50m, Hon. Nabbanja gave UGX10m, the Speaker of Parliament Rt. Hon. Anita Among donated $10,000, Deputy Speaker, Thomas Tayebwa paid UGX10m among others.

    Members of Parliament from different constituencies also contributed to the cause with most of them pledging Shs.1m each.

    In President Museveni’s message that was read by the Prime Minister, Robinah Nabbanja, he appreciated everyone who contributed to the construction of Kikandwa Church of Uganda.

    “This occasion presents to all of us a challenge and a call for us to carry each other’s burdens in service by giving part of our proceeds to God,” the letter read.

    Kazimba baptizing Katumba Wamala’s grand children

    He added, “Government appreciates the role done by the church of leading out the masses through a source of re-construction and development for many years in Uganda.

    “I thank you for getting involved in such a worthy cause towards the work of God and I am optimistic that your endeavours towards church development will not be in vain.”

    After the service, theGrapevine asked Diana Katumba, who is Katumba Wamala’s second born whether as a family, they are part of the court proceeding against Katumba’s attempted killers.

    Diana told us that they decided not to proceed to court because they don’t want to revenge since it will not bring back their sister.

    “We have never gone to court. We left everything to God because He is the best judge,” she stated.


    By Kalamira Hope



    Panic In UPDF As Furious M7 Gives Gen Okidi’s Team Two Weeks To Give Him Detailed Report On Why Army Helicopters Are Crashing…



    One of the army helicopters that crashed recently

    A furious President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni, who is the Commander-In-Chief has ordered Maj. Gen. Charles Okidi’s team to present to him a detailed report on why Uganda People’s Defense Forces(UPDF) helicopter crashed in the Eastern part of the Democratic Republic of Congo(DRC) and killed the country’s soldiers including a Ukrainian national who was the pilot.

    Brig. Gen. Felix Kulayigye, the UPDF spokesperson confirmed the incident explaining that as usual when such incidents happen, the president orders for investigations.

    According to Reuters, more than 22 UPDF soldiers have died in two separate helicopter crash incidents inside DRC where the country’s commandos are fighting the deadly Allied Democratic Forces (ADF) terrorists who have been frequently killing Ugandan and Congolese nationals.

    However, Gen. Kulayigye rubbished Reuters reporting on the number of UPDF soldiers who have died in the incident but confirmed that Yury Vyshykvy, the Ukrainian national who was the pilot of the Russian made Mi-17 died on spot and together with two Congolese nationals.

    Sources in UPDF have revealed that president Museveni has directed that the concerned persons should inform the deceased’s next of kin over the death of their people.

    Mi-17 crashed few minutes after delivering food and medicine consignment to the UPDF commandos who are fighting ADF terrorists in Eastern DRC and a number of causalities were rushed to Bombo Military hospital for further medical attention.

    Sources in UPDF disclosed that the president wants to establish why the forces’ newly acquired military helicopters are crashing.

    The DRC accident happened a day after another Mi-24 also crashed in Fort Portal.

    Fortunately, no person died in that particular accident.

    Sources noted that like other military helicopter accidents, Gen Okidi’s report will not be made public but will be given to the assigning officer.


    By Sengooba Alirabaki


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    We Don’t Want A Country Where People Are Being Picked Up By Drones And No One Is Held Accountable – Muntu Warns On Rampant Broad Day Light Kidnaps…



    Mugisha Muntu

    Former presidential candidate, Gen. Mugisha Muntu has warned on the rampant abductions that have taken lead in the country.

    Muntu statement was premised on the rising cases of gunmen picking civilians off the streets or their homes in drones.

    Muntu emphasized that they don’t want a country where people are being picked up by drones and no one is held accountable, and the government doesn’t speak out even when issues are raised.

    “What we see currently on the surface of things seems to be calmness, but beneath is a situation that we all need to focus on.”

    He explained, “We have two forms of fear. One is the fear that is deeply engraved in the minds of those people in power. They fear relinquishing power, and therefore, it drives them to do the things they do.

    “Unfortunately, in this country, we have never had a peaceful transition, which is abnormal, and therefore, we need to focus on where we are heading. It is not too late.”

    Muntu insisted that they need to use the platforms where they can speak and break the culture of impunity that keeps growing.

    “The principle of separation of powers in institutions is not working. Parliament is just a shadow of what Parliament is supposed to be. On the surface you might think that there is peace but below, the situation is worrisome,” he intimated.

    He added that sectarianism is a symptom of a larger problem.

    “If we want to have fairness, we have to ensure that whatever we practise, is rooted in these values of fairness, justice and equity, among others.”

    Muntu made the remarks at Golf Course hotel today during a Public Dialogue under the theme ‘Ending Secretarianism and Tribalism.’

    Today, a man in civilian attire accompanied by the three men wearing military fatigue and armed with assault rifles kidnapped Mr. Rafik Khan, a car dealer at Kireka C in Kira Municipality, Wakiso District at 5pm.

    Residents and Mr. Khan’s colleagues looked on helplessly as the armed men dragged the businessman into a waiting Toyota Probox car.

    This is on the heels of over 15 NUP supporters who have recently been arrested from various parts of the country by men moving in drones.

    Democratic Party president, Nobert Mao, who also doubles as the Minister of Justice and Constitutional Affairs hailed Muntu for taking a strong stand against extra-judicial killings by those who wanted to take the law into their own hands.

    He argued that as they discuss the framework for the truth and reconciliation process, they must agree on what truth and reconciliation are not.

    “I have to give credit to Gen. Mugisha Muntu because of his militant and strong stand against extra-judicial killings by those who wanted to take the law into their own hands,” he adduced.

    He maintained, “Let me state what the truth and reconciliation process is not. It is not good to be confused about the aims of the truth and reconciliation process.

    “The truth and reconciliation process should not conduct a formal legal process and should not duplicate the work of criminal investigations, initiate court actions, among others, on matters already covered by other organs.”

    Mao noted that however, there are some trends that will lead them to conclude that colonialism played an important role in the false start that Uganda made as they headed towards independence and the years after, adding that he doesn’t believe that all the blame goes to the colonialists.

    “The North is seen as the “underprivileged backyard”. As Uganda went to independence, historical accidents disarmed the north of their fears that they had a position in an independent Uganda.”

    He propounded, ” Therefore, even a Munyankole that has made money is seen to have been corrupt. An Acholi who hasn’t killed anybody when they go to Luwero will be a suspect.

    “There was perceived dominance of the North, Baganda, and western Uganda. This was looked at as a problem that should be seen through sectarian lenses.”

    Mao therefore emphasized that a national truth and reconciliation process is the only thing that can salvage this country.


    By Kalamira Hope


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    Fights In Bobi Wine’s NUP: KCCA Councillor Cited In Kyagulanyi, MP Kagabo Disturbing Leaked Audio Recording…



    Hakim Kizza, the Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA) Secretary for engineering and technical services, who is also the Lubya Parish representative in Lord Mayor Ssalongo Erias Lukwago’s city council has cleared the air on the allegations that he has a hand in the leaked disturbing audio recording where embattled Bukoto South Member of Parliament Twaha Kagabo is revealing secrets about NUP party and his principal Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu (Bobi Wine).

    In the leaked audio, Kagabo is heard confessing to a friend via phone that he is not in NUP because he loves the party so much but he is there because of the political wave.

    He added that many NUP legislators are not happy with Bobi Wine’s leadership style but they have nothing to do because he is popular.

    The recording was leaked a few days ago when Bobi Wine had just praised Kagabo for being a patriotic legislator and very loyal to the party after he accepted his mistake and returned the controversial Shs.40m bribe.

    It should be remembered that Bobi Wine ordered his party legislators to return the Shs.40m bribe which he alleged was given to MPs at the speaker of parliament Annet Anita Among’s home in Nakasero, a Kampala suburb.

    Dr. Kagabo returned the money and accused speaker Among of giving it to him. Suprisingly, he later refuted his early statements against Among and apologised to her.

    Days after apologising and being forgiven by the Speaker, an audio leaked of him blasting Bobi Wine and NUP.

    Kagabo supporters now accuse councillor Kizza of playing on Kagabo’s intelligence and releasing the shocking audio of him blasting his party boss.

    Sources in Bukoto South told theGrapevine that Kizza had intentions to contest for the area parliamentary seat but he was frustrated by NUP leadership in Kamwokya who gave the party ticket to Kagabo.

    Sources added that when Kiiza decided to contest on an independent ticket, he was advised to try another time because it was going to be hard for him to defeat Kagabo who was already armed with a NUP ticket and money.

    He later accepted defeat and stood for KCCA councillor representing the people of Lubya Parish.

    Sources further narrated that Kagabo used a lot of money to get the NUP ticket after first battling for it with Dr. Abed Bwanika who was later forced to shift to Kimanya-Kabonera.

    Sources said that from then, Kiiza has been on ground, which he admitted when contacted.

    “I’m not new in that constituency, he found me there but he used money, but I remained with my people,” Kiiza said.

    He however denied allegations that he was behind the leaked audio recording.

    Kagabo and Kizza’s political fight is one of the many political fights in Bobi Wine’s NUP party.


    By Sengooba Alirabaki


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