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    Witchcraft Scare At Supreme Court Premises As Chief Justice Dollo, Justice Kisakye Fight Deepens; Justice Tibatemwa Appointed Administrator…



    Chief Justice Alfonse Chigamoy Owiny-Dollo’s decision to appoint Lady Justice Prof. Lillian Tibatemwa Ekirikubinza as the head of administration at the Supreme Court has deepened his fight with Lady Justice Dr. Esther Kitimbo Kisaakye.

    Highly placed sources at the Supreme Court have intimated to theGrapevine that for a longtime, it has been a practice that the most senior justice at the Supreme Court is always appointed the administrator and Justice Kisakye has been holding that office since former Chief Justice Bart Katureebe’s tenure.

    However, when Justice Kisakye developed a misunderstanding with Justice Dollo over 2021 presidential election petition filed at the Supreme Court by National Unity Platform(NUP) presidential candidate Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu(Bobi Wine), she was dismissed and replaced with late Justice Stella Arach Amoko.

    Being a senior justice at the Supreme Court is a very prestigious position because many see themselves at the same level with the Chief Justice and it the reason why sources allege that Justice Kisakye physically fought and evicted Justice Mike Chibita from the office which was previously occupied by Justice Katureebe who was the most senior justice by then and she occupied it.

    When Justice Dollo was appointed Chief Justice, he also evicted Justice Kisakye noting that he wanted to inhabit the office which the former Chief Justice was occupying.

    Unfortunately, the office is currently vacant because the Supreme Court shifted from Kololo to Wandegeya.

    When Justice Amoko died, many at the Supreme Court thought that Justice Dollo was going to return the office of the Supreme Court administrator to Justice Kisakye but he appointed Justice Tibatemwa.

    The Supreme Court administrator is the one responsible for instituting panels of Justices to hear judicial matters, allocate files and handle administrative matters at the Supreme Court on behalf of the Chief Justice who is supposed to be the head of the Supreme Court but always has a lot of work which involves supervising the entire judiciary.

    Sources said that Justice Tibatemwa’s appointment has brought more troubles at the Supreme Court because currently, it is very difficult to institute a panel because both Dollo and Justice Kisakye no longer want to sit in their offices in Wandegeya.

    “You know the Chief Justice fears witchcraft, do you remember what happened to a lady who was caught planting certain juju at his country home? She was sentenced to nine months in prison. So, we were not surprised that he refused to sit in the building where his immediate enemy Justice Kisakye also sits,” a source said.

    Sources said that whenever he comes to attend weekly meetings on Tuesday, Justice Dollo has been sitting in Justice Amoko’s office and is always very careful not to jump on things he doesn’t understand.

    Sources added that after Justice Amoko’s death, Justice Dollo stopped sitting at Wandegeya. He basically performs his official duties from his office at the Judiciary headquarters near City Square and at his home, especially at this time when is not feeling well.

    Insiders close to Justice Kisakye also said she takes months without stepping at her office in Wandegeya.

    Her assistants told theGrapevine that she fears that Dollo henchmen can harm her.

    “You people were present when one of the Court Clerks whom we know very well moves with a gun swore that he can slap Justice Kisakye if he gets orders from Chief Justice Dollo. Now you want her to be slapped? Anyway now days she is always out of the country, you know she is sick that’s why she wanted to retire early because the more she stays with people like Dollo, her life is in danger,” one of Justice Kisakye’s assistants told theGrapevine.

    There are still more troubles at the Supreme Court because currently, it is difficult to institute a panel due to sickness among the Justices.

    Justice Tibatemwa also recently went through three surgeries in the United States of America and this happened days after delivering her judgment in the controversial Presidential Age Limit Appeal.

    Justice Kisakye is always sick, Justice Faith Mwondah is very soon retiring from Public Service after clocking 70 years and Justice Stephen Musota spends much of the time supervising Courts because he is the Inspector of Court after replacing the late Justice Robby Apio Aweri.

    Justice Chibita, Justice Christopher Izama Madrama are the only ones who report to work on a daily basis.

    Sources said that this is the reason why Justice and Constitutional Affairs Minister Norbert Mao is fighting tooth and nail to see that parliament passes the Judicature (Amendment) Bill 2023 to increase the number of Justices at the Supreme Court from 11 Justices to 21.

    Mao also wants the number of the Justices of the Constitutional Court increased from 15 to 56 Justices including the Deputy Chief Justice.

    However, seasoned lawyer and also Bugweri county legislator Abdul Katuntu insists that the move will create jobs to certain individuals in the legal fraternity but will not solve the problem of case backlog as Mao claims.


    By Sengooba Alirabaki



    Mirundi Narrates How He Survived Bullets After Allegedly Urinating On Pastor Ssenyonga’s Building…



    Tamale Mirundi

    President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni’s Senior Presidential Advisor on Media has narrated how he survived bullets while urinating on the building belonging to Pastor Jackson Ssenyonga of Christian Life Church in Bwaise a Kampala suburb.

    Joseph Tamale Mirundi revealed that one day, during the days when he was still being hosted at Pastor Ssenyonga’s top radio every Monday, he was approached by a Local Defense Unity (LDU) Soldier who accused him of dirtening their place of work. The LDU officer told Mirundi that his action were likely to cause deadly diseases to those who attend the church.

    Mirundi said that when he denied committing any crime, the LDU officer started pointing at the zip of his trousers claiming that it was open. He carefully observed him coaching his gun.

    He boasted that his senses informed him that the LDU man wanted to shoot him. He jumped in the air like an SFC Command and kicked the LDU soldier in the chest sending him tumbling down.

    He added that he stepped on his neck and the LDU officer was saved by Mirundi’s SFC Commandos who were given to him by Gen. Muhoozi Kainerugaba who pleaded with him not to kill a government soldier.

    “For me I fear those LDU people and I don’t want to come close to them because they are naive and they always want to show the public that they know how to use a gun. They don’t normally get the opportunity to fire bullets like other soldiers who go to war. So I don’t want them to make me their shooting target,” Mirundi said.

    He further revealed that he made investigations through his Mirundi Internal Security Organisation (MISO) and established that there was a senior pastor who was behind the LDU soldier who wanted him dead because of his loyalty and support to House of Prayer Ministries International senior pastor Alosious Bujjingo.

    He claimed that the said pastor had a misunderstanding with Bujjingo and was the one behind Teddy Bujjingo Naluswa who is fighting Bijjingo’s divorce case at the Family Division of the High Court.


    By Hadijjah Namagembe


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    Top RCC Warned By Former ISO Spy On Executing Mayiga’s Request To Ask M7 For Buganda Kingdom Properties…



    Charles Rwomushana (L) and Ahmed Kateregga Musaazi (R)

    Former Internal Security Organisation (ISO) Operative and also Constitutional Assembly Delegates member Charles Rwomushana has challenged Ahmed Kateregga Musaazi the Masaka City Deputy Resident City Commissioner (D/RCC) that if he is man enough, let him execute Buganda Kingdom Premier Charles Peter Mayiga’s request to deliver to his request to his boss President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni.

    Kateregga admitted during this weekend’s popular ‘Gasimbaganne ne bannamawulire’ talk show on Radio Simba that he interacted with Mayiga when he was in Masaka city to officiate the reopening of the  Buddukiro building on Saza Hill in Masaka city which is also going to house the Buddu county chief’s office.

    “As a journalist, I have known Katikkiro Mayiga for a longtime. He also knows my capacity very well that’s why he asked me to help Buganda ask for “Ebyaffe” (properties Buganda Kingdom is demanding from Central government). I will help in my capacity,” a soft spoken Kateregga said.

    Mayiga allegedly told Kateregga to use his writing skills through his newspaper and magazine articles, radio talk shows to educate the public about “Ebyaffe”  and plead with the Central Government to release the remaining Buganda properties.

    However, Rwomushana warned Kateregga not to be excited over Mayiga’s proposal and cautioned him on writing articles demanding for “Ebyaffe”.

    Rwomushana warned his elderly colleague that he will lose his job and return to the streets grassing like he was before he was appointed Deputy Resident City Commissioner.

    “You Kateregga to convince Museveni to return “Ebyaffe”? You try and deliver the message as Katikkiro asked you” Rwomushana dared him.

    Senior journalist Peter Kibazo who was the moderator of the talk show also guided Kateregga by narrating to him how a strong minister lost his ministerial job because of being a secretary in one of Kabaka Ronald Mutebi’s agencies.

    Kibazo said that a furious Museveni placed the minister who was a lady on the spot to explain to him how she demoted herself and undermined his ministerial job by working as a secretary at Mengo, the Buganda kingdom administration center.

    Kibazo disclosed that the lady thought that Museveni was joking, she told the President that even before appointing her a minister, she was working with Kabaka, Museveni rested his case.

    Few weeks later, Museveni reshuffled his cabinet and fired the woman from his cabinet.

    It is alleged Mayiga trusts Kateregga since he is one of the few remaining journalists who understands the relationship between Uganda and Buganda throughout the annals of history and he can help to guide the young generation.


    By Grapevine Reporter


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    Panic Again In Judiciary After Justice Gaswaga’s Driver Is Transferred Over Allegations Of Becoming A Threat To His Life, City Magistrates’ Security Beefed Up…



    Judge Duncan Gaswaga

    It was not easy for the Judiciary top leadership to convince Lira Resident Judge Duncan Gaswaga that his driver is a threat to his life.

    Highly placed sources in Judiciary have exclusively told theGrapevine that since Justice Geoffrey Namundi’s driver Stanley Kisambira protested on social media threatening to intentionally cause the death of his principal and the bodyguard on grounds of poor working condition, the judiciary has been following the behaviour and actions of the entire institution’s drivers.

    In a 5 minutes and 24 seconds recording, Kisambira revealed that all judiciary staff including judges’ pay was increased based on the grounds that judges are not allowed to do business and go to bars to enjoy life.

    He added that surprisingly, their drivers were the only one of all judiciary staff whose salaries were not increased. He complained that they are not going to live on Shs.200,000 which is given to them per month because it is too little compared to the current cost of living.

    “Sincerely speaking I am very annoyed. I joined the judiciary in 2008 but up to now, I’m still getting Shs.200,000. What am I working for when I have children in schools and renting? How do I survive? What do you people want us to do? Quote me well, I’m mentally stable but in pain. Judiciary please. I’m working for you, all those listening to me should know that I’m not mad but because of the tough situation we go through, people make prophecies before they die,” he said.

    He added, “You are talking about that security guard who killed a minister but I’m telling you I can kill both the judge and his security guard including myself by intentionally running into a trailer. How can people get Shs3m, Shs4m, yet for me (as a driver) I’m getting Shs200,000?”

    However, Judiciary Permanent Secretary and Secretary to Judiciary Pius Bigirimans rubbished Kisambira’s allegations noting that disciplinary action were going to be taken against him.

    He was formally charged and is currently battling with criminal charges at Buganda Road Court.

    Sources disclosed that since that incident, all judiciary drivers and bodyguards were put under strict monitoring.

    It is through this monitoring that it was recently established that Justice Gaswaga’s driver was in frequent communication with Kisambira and was very vocal on the drivers’ WhatsApp group.

    He is always posting messages encouraging his colleagues to fight for Kisambira claiming that he is their hero who publicly without fear cames out and spoke the truth to their bosses.

    The said driver is also accused of mobilizing fellow drivers to support their own Kisambira financially because he was interdicted immediately when he was charged at Buganda Road Court.

    Judiciary insiders told theGrapevine that when this intelligence information reached one of the top judiciary bosses, he contacted Justice Gaswaga and pleaded with him to be very careful because it seems his driver is a threat to his life.

    By that time (last year), Justice Gaswaga’s bodyguard was on leave and his driver was also working as his bodyguard, especially in the morning when he moved out of his home to do physical exercises.

    “The judge told everything to his driver and asked him whether he has a gun. The man denied everything and told him that may be the gun they are talking about is the one which the judge has. The judge communicated back to the person who cautioned him and told him that the man is very innocent,” the insider said.

    He added that the driver was very open to the judge and told him that he always speaks to Kisambira because he is a longtime friend and he sacrificed to speak to the authorities about their plight.

    Insiders divulged that a week later, the driver was served with a transfer letter in which he was given two days to report to Eastern Uganda to drive one of the magistrates, a move he protested.

    “He told Justice Gaswaga that at his level, he cannot drive a magistrate. He told him that holds a degree in accountancy and is pursuing a masters at Makerere University. He refused to go to Eastern Uganda and has informed his bosses,” the insider disclosed.

    When contacted, His Worship James Ereemye the Judiciary spokesperson said that he is not aware of the development and promised to return back to us after consulting the concerned bosses.

    We waited and at the time of publishing this story, he has not yet given us feedback.

    The development comes after a directive was issued to beef up security to city magistrates who feel that their life is under threat.

    Buganda Road Chief Magistrate Ronald Kayizzi’s security was recently beefed up. Kayizzi is a brother to a top National Resistance Movement (NRM) boss.

    The security of Gladys Kamasanyu also a Magistrate at Buganda Road Court security was beefed up after former Makerere University senior lecturer Stella Nyanzi attacked her and threw an empty water bottle at her.

    Also, the security of Entebbe Chief Magistrate Stella Maris Amabilis who is also a relative to Constitutional and Justice Minister Norbert Mao was beefed up.

    At Buganda Road Court, Court users were stopped from entering Court premises with food and eats.

    The move was supported by Justice Benjamin Kabiito the head of the Judicial Service Commission who noted that they have powers to make decisions to protect the lives of judicial officers and other court users.


    By Sengooba Alirabaki


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