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Working In State House Does Not Make You Powerful, Stop Undermining Us – Top Muslim Cleric Warns Women Who Work Close To Museveni



Sheikh Sulaiman Semakula Guggwa

Sheikh Sulaiman Semakula Guggwa, the leader of Muslim working community in Uganda has warned president Museveni to be careful with women surrounding him. Guggwa told Muslims at Faiber mosque on Friday that Museveni has been a good, God fearing leader. However, Guggwa said that after spending over 30 years in power, there are women working close to the president who think that they are very powerful because they work in State House. Guggwa said that these women have put a fence around the president and are frustrating efforts of people who want to see him.

Guggwa revealed that the powerful women in state house frustrate mostly the Muslim clerics who try to get access to the president.

“Those Women think that they are too powerful, when they see us with these beards and in Muslim ‘kanzus’, they think that we are terrorists and chase us away like kids,” Guggwa said. Guggwa said that surprisingly, when other leaders from other religions go to State House, they are allowed to see the president.

He gave an example of the recent claims from Kampala archbishop Dr. Cyprian Lwanga who was quickly allowed to see Museveni after claims that he was being spied on and his life was in danger. He said that sadly, most of the times Muslim leaders have tried to get access to the president, to tell him problems affecting the Muslim community in Uganda, they are frustrated.  He added that as Muslims, they want to explain to him that they are not terrorists like some of the security persons have tried to portray them.

He said that because they have failed to see the president, the Muslim communities are very bitter with him over the continuous arrest of their colleagues.

He later cautioned Muslims against involving themselves in subversive activities against the siting government because whoever is arrested will be charged with criminal charges. Guggwa also warned Muslims against using social media to attack the president saying that it’s against Muslim teachings.


By Jamil Lutakome



Former Ntare School Boss Narrates How She Nabbed Her Husband Bonking Another Woman, Who Is Now Stealing Her Home, In Their Marital Bed – Pins Kayihura And City Lawyer Kanduho



Former Ntare School Boss Grace Namutebi Isharaza, the widow to professor Isharaza testifying before the commission before breaking down in tears

Former Inspector General of Police (IGP) General Kale Kayihura has been cited in the grabbing land belonging to Mbrarara University of Science and Technology (MUST) professor, William Isharaza in Kemiyonga Kashari, Mbarara District. Grace Namutebi Isharaza, the widow to professor Isharaza testified before the commission of inquiry into land matters that after the death of her husband in 2016, policemen stormed her family home and arrested all the people who they found there including Jovial Kemirembe the caretaker of their family farm. She revealed that when she tried to ask the policemen why they were arresting them, they were told that they were working on orders from above.

She testified that she tried to talk to Mbarara police authorities but she was not given answers until she met Kayihura. She said that when she meets Kayihura. The General told her that he couldn’t help her but promised to find an alternative time for another meeting. She told the commission that she later realized that Kayihura was the one behind her eviction because he wanted the land to be given to Edith Kekimuri, a young fiancé to Isharaza. She said that Kale and Kekimuri combined forces to push her and her five children off the land because she was not a westerner. She further revealed that she got some breathing space when Kayihura was fired from the force and the authorities that replaced him ordered the policemen he had deployed on the land to withdraw.  Namutebi also pinned city lawyer Frank Kanduho for attempting to grab her land. She said one day when she was at her home in Nazigo, Kayunga district, she received a phone call from Kanduho informing her of a meeting at Kashari to read for them the will left behind by her husband.

She said that she contacted her children Musiime Isharaza, Mwesigwa Isharaza, Muhanguzi Isharaza, Mirembe Mwebaze Isharaza and other family members to attend the meeting.  She said that immediately when they reached the meeting, Kanduho entered with an auspicious look and warned them about the will he was going to read for them.

“You people might see me as a young person but I have seen a lot of things and am more knowledgeable. I am hereby warning you never to attempt to change what the deceased put in his will. I have seen people terrorized by ghosts, so to avoid such scenarios avoid changing what is recorded in this will,” Kanduho reportedly said.

Namutebi said that Kanduho started reading the will but whatever he read was forged because some of the children’s names were not written properly. She testified that after reading the will, Namutebi and his children asked for a copy but Kanduho refused to give it to them. She further revealed that they looked for engineer Tabaro Tugume who was appointed to execute the will but still she was not given a copy, a thing which surprised her.  However, Namutebi told the commission that her children managed to get pictures of the will using their phones which they used as evidence when they reported the matter to CID department Kibuli. She said that police forced Kanduho to surrender a copy of the will which the police later used to verify whether the will was signed by Isharaza.

She said that the police discovered that the will was forged. Earlier, Namutebi told the commission that they bought the 87 acres of land on Block 3 plot 4 Ankole together with her husband in 1982 from John Ibara. She said that she was the one who paid the money because Isharaza was studying his PHD program abroad and by then, she was working at Tororo Girls’ School. She testifies that after duly purchasing the land, she agreed with her husband to register the land in Isharaza’s names. She said in 1990, they relocated to Mbarara and she was given a job as headmistress Ntare School. Her husband was also given a job at Mbarara university. She told the commission that because their mission was to develop their land, they established an animal farm and banana plantations on the land. She revealed that in the 1990s, her husband got a loan of shs58m from Uganda commercial bank without her consent.

She said that secretly, her husband failed to service the loan and the bank threatened to took their family property. She testified that Isharaza went into hiding in Kabale because the bank was looking for him and he feared being humiliated before the public being a university professor.  She said that as a married woman, she looked for all means to rescue their marital home. She decided to talk to Uganda Commercial Bank officials. She told the commission that by that time, the commercial bank properties were being transferred to Non-performing Asserts Recovering Truest, so she was advised to talk to them. She testified that she pleaded with officers from the Non-performing Assets Recovering Trust not to auction their family land because she was a wife to Isharaza and she was willing to pay. She said that she was allowed to contest and hence she was became the top bidder and bought the land at Shs20.5m.

She said that after retaining the land, she was given all the necessary documents and she transferred the land from Isharaza’s name into her name. She testified that she allowed her husband to come back home. However, when he returned, he turned violent and developed deadly vices of adultery and alcoholism. She said that one time, her husband was given a job with Agha Khan foundation in Bushenyi. She spent only one month there but one day when she came back home, she found her husband had married another woman.

“My lord I will never forget, even though I will not expose my husband but the day I found him with a woman on my bed, not sleeping but playing sex, on my bed,” Namutebi wept before the commission. This forced justice Catherine Bamugemereire the chairperson of the commission to adjourn the hearing. Namutebi also told the commission that when she tried to register her land into her children’s names, she found the land already fraudulently transferred in Isharaza’s names. She said that right now her land was taken by Kekimuru her co-wife. She said that Kekimuru also took their family car, land in Ntare and Sanga. She said that she now abodes in Kayunga even after working hard her whole life to live a good life in retirement. She asked the commission to help her retain her land. The commission is still investigating the matter and Kekimuri is expected also to testify before the commission.


By Jamil Lutakome


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It Is Wrong For Rwanda Agents To Spy On Ugandan Government – Museveni Writes To Kagame



Your Excellency Paul Kagame,


Greetings from the people of Uganda and from myself. I am writing to let you know that by accident, I, at last, had a meeting with a Rwandan who admitted to being a member of the group you told me about – Rwanda National Congress (RNC). This is a lady known as Mukankusi, whom, I am sure you know, but I had never met before.

One of my National Resistance Movement (NRM) contacts kept telling me that there was a Rwandan lady who had some important information to give me and that she wanted to come with somebody known as Gasana, who also had important information.

When I heard of Gasana, I thought that it was the Gasana who was behind me at Ntare and who, for a long time, had worked in the foreign affairs ministry of Uganda. When they came a few days ago, I discovered that Gasana was a completely different person. I think I had seen this gentleman once when the delegation of the Security Council had visited Uganda some years ago.

I then asked them what they wanted to tell me. Mukankusi told me that her husband, Rutagarama, had been killed by the agents of the Rwanda State. She mentioned Nziiza, Munyuza, etc. How had she confirmed this? That she had been told by those very people. I then asked her what she wanted me to do about it because this is an internal matter of Rwanda.

She said she wanted me to know bad things that were happening in Rwanda. She further told me that she had joined the RNC to resist Your Excellency’s Government and she wanted us to support them.

I told her that we could not support them because what was happening in Rwanda was an internal matter of Rwanda. I explained to her that the stand of the African Union is a scientific one and it is correct. Interfering in the internal affairs of sister countries is wrong because, first of all, outsiders cannot understand situations of sister countries well.

They can make mistakes. Secondly, those mutual interferences in one another’s internal affairs will interfere with the bigger normal, non-controversial, State to State activities – trade, transport, etc.

It is, therefore, correct to only concentrate on bilateral or multilateral issues and never involve oneself in the internal affairs of other countries. She was disappointed with my reply and I told her that I will inform you in writing.

Gasana, on the other hand, said that he was not involved with the RNC, but that he came to help a white lady, Wolfson, who we had declared persona-non-grata, to come back and continue with her charity work.

Some of our (people in the) diaspora had worked on it with him. He told me that he works with the Jewish Agency and, apparently, they are the ones who support Wolfson.

Mr. Rujugiro also came, separately. He seems to be resisting the idea of selling his businesses, which he had accepted (to do) before. He countered the idea of giving money to Kayumba by saying that even if he sells the factories in Uganda, he still has more lucrative factories in Angola, DR Congo, etc., a total of eight of them. He can send money from those.

He denied sending money to Kayumba or being a politician. He said that he had only supported RPF at the late Rwigyema’s request and your request.

If therefore, he is still a problem to Rwanda, the correct option is to use the Courts of Uganda to prove the case of terrorism and then his assets can be frozen. You did not respond to my letter of October 15, 2018, which contained that proposal.

All these people left Uganda after only a few days. This was to inform you of these encounters. As I told you when we met, there is no question of Uganda supporting anti-Rwanda elements.

Indeed, I have not heard Rwanda saying that Uganda “supports” these elements. What I heard and what you told me when we met was that some of these elements were “operating” from or “in” Uganda to recruit, etc. It is this aspect that the joint teams should work on.

I invited Ambassador Mugambagye and I linked him with our people and the Minister of Foreign Affairs. This is easy to follow up. What is wrong is for Rwanda agents to try to operate behind the Government of Uganda. I get a lot of stories, but I will never raise them unless I have confirmed them.


Yoweri Kaguta Museveni President of the Republic of Uganda March 10, 2019



By Doreen Menezer


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Kayihura Told Me To Give Kitatta Guns – Police Boss Nixon Pins Former Boss



Incarcerated former commandant of the flying squad Senior Superintendent of Police Nixon Agasirwe has told the army court today that his former boss Kale Kayihura told him to give Kitatta the guns he was arrested with.

Agasiirwe testified before Makindye based court martial that between 2009 and 2010, when he was the officer in charge of issuing guns, Kayihura directed him to find all ways of protecting Kitatta who was giving them important information that helped police quell riots in the city centre.

The flamboyant police officer told court that Kayihura issued the directives after Kitatta met him on several occasions to find ways of collecting security intelligence from the public. Agasiirwe testified that by that time, the police force was facing scarcity of intelligence information, so they were very happy to find Kitatta and they had to protect him from government opponents.  He said that Kitatta told Kayihura that his life was in danger after some people tried to harm him on getting information that he was a state operative and that he was the one helping security to naturalize riots.

Agasirwe told court that he was the one who deployed Sowali Ngobi a policeman under special operation unit to guard Kitatta with only a pistol.  However, after a few months, his boss Kayihura directed him to give Kitatta another 3 AK47 guns which he did for the safety of the police informer. State prosecutor quizzed Agasirwe to produce evidence showing that it was Kayihura who gave him instructions to give Kitatta guns. Agasirwe told court that the directives were given to him verbally. He was also grilled on the serial numbers of the guns he gave to Kitatta including the golden pistol found with Kitatta when he was arrested from Wakaliga.

Agasirwe told court that it is a long time and he doesn’t remember the serial number of the guns. It’s against this background that the state alleged that the guns and ammunitions were given to Kitatta illegally.  Both Kitatta and Agasirwe are facing charges of unlawful possession of firearms and ammunitions, failure to protect war materials and repatriating of Rwanda Nationals back to their country.  The general court martial chair Gen Andrew Guti adjourned the hearing to 26 this month for Kitatta to produce more defense witnesses.


By Jamil Lutakome



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