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    You Are Bringing Down Weasel And My Brand Which I Worked So Hard To Build – Teta Blasts Daniella As Battle Between Wives To The Mayanja’s Escalates…



    Sandra Teta has warned singer Joseph Mayanja alias Jose Chameleon’s wife, Atim Daniella to stay out of her family business with husband, Douglas Mayanja alias Weasel Manizo.

    Teta’s warning follows a number of messages that Daniella has been passing out for some time on social media rebuking weasel for allegedly beating Teta.

    When social media was awash with rumours and pictures ot Teta allegedly battered by Weasel, Atim, through her social media handles started a campaign she dubbed ‘pressure after pressure’ with a goal of seeking justice for Teta.

    She noted that they should get justice for their girls and set a standard for the next generation of husbands and fathers.

    “Did we say pressure after pressure? Let’s decorate our walls on behalf of all Sandras, let’s get justice for our girls and set a standard for the next generation of husbands and fathers,” she said.

    Atim further insisted that she is not going watch Weasel die a careless death like his brothers late Moses Ssekibogo alias Moze Radio and AKA47 adding that it is clear Weasel and Sandra need JESUS.

    As though that was not enough, Daniella, penned a letter to Weasel and Chameleon’s mother reminding her of her God given power and authority to raise her children.

    “Dear mother-in-law, you and I know this is Sandra’s head after stitches. This one time she had courage and reported to police with the encouragement of some of her friends who include Claire Selina Nangajja alias maamaghetto (Butcherman’s wife),” she said.

    Daniella added, “But you dear mama talked her out of it, you talked her out of it and told her she can’t do that to the father of her kids. You see when we love your boys, we become your children too and we yearn that you protect us as equally as you protect your boys, we hope that you can have honest conversations with your boys but you mama will instead say (we have to learn our husbands, what makes them happy and what annoys them. You also tell us that we need to understand that our husbands are celebrities).

    “Dear mama, this doesn’t bring any practical solutions, it only empowers them to keep up what they do because in your eyes it is always the woman’s fault, she must have provoked him you always say.

    “Dear mama, the time is now, take back your position as a parent and start doing the work, we have the most impact on our children, a duty entrusted to us by God. I will be panel beating them from this side as you start the most immediate work. You have the authority to do it, don’t undermine the power God handed you.

    “Let’s raise a generation of great husbands and fathers. You will be glad we put in the work.”

    Daniella’s campaign provoked Teta to come out and stop her from fighting her battles.

    Teta first appreciated the efforts of Daniella and Mama ghetto to fight for her, she however asked them to step down from her family issues.

    She stressed, “I would really want to appreciate Daniella and mama ghetto for the efforts put in (to fight for me) however I would kindly ask them to step out of my family issues because enough is enough.”

    Teta insisted that the campaigns that the two are doing are being run on speculations and rumours because none of them bothered to call her and ask her what really was going on or even ask if she was doing okay.

    “In this context, I would actually address Daniella because she is family. How do you start posting from one post to another without calling someone to really know whether whatever you are talking about is real.”

    She added, “Other than that, I would really ask them to step down from my family business and let me handle it as me Sandra Teta because this is my family you are talking about.

    “And another thing in this campaign, you are bringing down the brand Sandra Teta, I worked so hard to be who I am today and as well as Weasel so I would ask you to step out of it.”

    In response to Teta’s message, Daniella reiterated that Sandra needs as much Grace as they all can offer her because she is not okay.

    “Ofcourse, I have seen Sandra running her mouth speaking gibberish while living in Utopia. And that’s completely okay and not surprising,” she stated.

    She maintained, “This is exactly why she needs us all; Sandra needs as much Grace as we can all offer her, let’s keep encouraging her and even hyping her. We all know she needs it now.

    “No body expects it to be easy for her in fact we sympathize with every Sandra and only hope that they snap out of it just in time for us all to celebrate.”


    Singer Weasel blasted mama ghetto, Butcherman’s wife, to get her nose out of his family.

    “Tell your wife to leave my family alone because she doesn’t know where we came from. She doesn’t know my wife; she doesn’t even know where she comes. Control her she will put things on the next level,” he told Butcherman.

    He added that mama ghetto doesn’t have evidence beyond reasonable doubt that he battered his wife.

    Daniella too skipped on this one and warned people to be wary of such humans who threaten their way out.

    “The type of arrogance the Bible warns you about. Such entitlement, an overwhelming need to control people, such disrespect. Dear good people, be wary of such humans who threaten their way out.”


    By Kalamira Hope and Joel Wansaale



    AHA MOMENTS: Massage Parlors Now Brothels: I ‘Chewed’ Masseuse Who Rubbed Her Boobs On Me, Married Woman Confesses How Parlors Sex Is Saving Her From Marriage Stress…



    A lady receiving a massage

    Whenever you feel at your lowest, or when your body is shattered with fatigue, your mind always sends a signal to the body that it needs a massage and you run to a massage parlor.

    Surprisingly, since we are in an innovation age, these parlors now offer extra services that stimulates orgasm.

    Many massage therapists have mastered the art of arousing clients’ sexual desires which makes it hard for them to resist having intercourse especially after the body to body massage.

    You can’t confidently enter one during the day because onlookers will always think you are going in for a ‘sex service’ since they have made a name for themselves now as current headquarters for smart wires and call girls.

    However, many People say its modernization and we have to move with the trend, but should we?

    Recently, Dr. Shaban Mugerwa, the senior medical officer for care and support at the Uganda AIDS commission pledged to talk to policymakers to allow the commission to gazette massage parlors and bars as hotspots and places where a lot of sex happens.

    This was after they learnt that some of the massage parlors are hotspots for the spread of HIV/AIDS ever since they were turned into sex hubs.

    Jeff Kato says he once followed his friend Denis to one of the massage parlors in Makindye. It wasn’t his idea to be massaged but his friend asked him to enjoy the massage on his bill.

    “First of all, the prices at the reception are not final. I didn’t know how the system works but when Denis said I could get the service at his expense, I was like why not! I went in and the masseuses preferred to give me a body to body service,” he said

    Kato adds that he was given a Swedish massage and since the masseuse was dressed in only a biker and a bra, his manhood started saluting to the masseuse.

    “I was really surprised with the speed with which these women use to turn work into sexual moments and get more money. She was rubbing her boobs on my body the entire time. Fortunately, my friend had said I was free to get the extra service so I ‘ate’ the masseuse. I didn’t even ask how much it cost, after all, Dennis was paying because he was their usual customer,” he said

    Outhman (not real name), a married man frequents these places.

    He explained to theGrapevine that there are only a few massage parlors that mean business, the rest are places to cum so that your body gets relaxed.

    “I have visited many of these and in different areas so their prices vary. Parlors that usually offer exotic massage arouse sexual desires and there is no way you can escape them whether you are a man or woman. The prices range between Shs. 50,000 – 200,000. There are places that mean real business. These places openly present such packages and you pay knowing that there is sex too,” he said

    These local parlors are prominent sellers of ‘leg’. The women are sometimes just dressed in their thongs and lingerie with just a small apron which you can peep through and feed the eyes first before you chew.

    Those who mean serious business have massage uniforms.

    Flavia (not real name) revealed to theGrapevine that it’s the massage therapist that have kept her in her marriage of fourteen years. She says her friend advised her to try out a massage parlor just to calm her nerves since she was going through a lot at the time.

    “My marriage was breaking after I failed to forgive my husband for fathering a child outside. It was really eating me up so my friend said I should start loving myself more, by going out often either alone or with friends. One time we agreed to go for massage in Ntinda, I had the massage and it was really relaxing,” she said

    She added, “The next time I went to a different place, I had heard they give sex as a service so I went in purposely for that and I indeed got a happy ending. The guy knew how to play around without entering; he also has magic in his hands and knows how to use them. That treatment forced me to get his contact and he has been giving me mobile massage on my terms and money,” she says

    Brenda once owned a massage parlor and she explains that she was forced to close the business because people thought it was a brothel disguised as a parlor.

    “Everyone including my family told me that I and my employees were prostitutes. The pressure was too much so I had to close,” she said.

    So now you know, the next time your wife goes for a massage, check whether all the goods are still intact, but how do you check if you already ate the goat?


    By Rahma Zawedde


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    INSIDE STORY: Panic As Buganda Queen Nagginda Snubs More Mengo Official Functions; Insiders Claim Deepening Of Rift With Kingdom Premier Mayiga…



    Buganda Queen Sylvia Nagginda (L), Premier Mayiga (R) and Bulange, the Mengo administration building (C)

    It seems Her Royal Highness Sylivia Nagginda Luswata, the Queen of Buganda (Nnaabagereka) is still bitter with Mengo administration led by Premier Charles Peter Mayiga.

    This is after she recently snubbed more Buganda Kingdom official functions.

    Women in Buganda Kingdom were shocked last week when Nagginda, without sending a representative or a message snubbed their woman’s day celebrations held at Ssesse Island Beach Hotel which is in one of the kingdom counties.

    It is alleged that Nagginda was expected to be the chief guest as it has always been in the previous years since she officially got married to the King but she did not show up.

    Towards the event, Buganda Kingdom official media houses CBS radio and BBS TV even ran announcements that Nagginda was going to be the chief guest and Premier Mayiga was going to be among the other guests.

    On the D-day of the event, Mayiga was absent and he was represented by his first deputy premier Prof. Twaha Kawaase who encouraged women in Buganda to welcome technology and be very careful with men who always use  women make-up because that’s is a sign for homos.

    Nagginda did not show up.

    Sources added that Mayiga was also going to attend the women’s day celebrations but canceled it at the last hour after learning that Nagginda was not going to show up, that is why he assigned Kawaasi to represent him.

    Nagginda also snubbed another official ceremony where she was expected to welcome Queen Temitope Morenike Enitan from Ghana who was her official guest.

    Queen Temitope had come to deepen Buganda kingdom’s cooperation with Ghana Kingdom. However the Nnaabagereka only sent a representative.

    Highly placed sources at Bulange, the kingdom headquarter revealed to theGrapevine that Mayiga did not attend but assigned Noah Kiyimba, his information minister to lead the Kingdom’s delegation to welcome Queen Temitope.

    Nagginda decided to celebrate women’s day with women at St. Augustine Seeta Catholic Parish where she urged them to emulate St. Monica, St. Augustine’s mother, to always pray for their children.

    When theGrapevine tried to reach the Nnaabagereka’s office to find out why she snubbed the official kingdom event for women’s day, the lady who picked but hung up after saying ‘hello’ and listening to our question.

    On April 20th this year, while at St. Stephen’s Kireka Church, during her thanksgiving ceremony where she was thanking God for blessing her and helping her to write her book, the Nnaabagereka blasted people attacking her over some of the controversial private content in her book which she made public.

    She admitted that she stepped on some people’s toes in his some of her revelations but pleaded with them for forgiveness.

    Most of current Mengo administration leaders including the Premier Mayiga snubbed the launch.

    Nagginda last appeared on a Buganda Kingdom official ceremony during Kabaka Mutebi’s 68th birthday run at Mengo palace and sources claim it was after the intervention of the Anglican Church Bishops who pleaded with her after she missed the Kabaka birthday party in controversial fashion.

    The Nagginda – Mengo establishment rift was seen on the launch of her book at Sheraton Hotel Kampala when Mengo’s current leadership, including Mayiga and most Buganda Kingdom Royal family members snubbed her ceremony.

    The event was not even broadcasted on the kingdom’s media platforms BBS TV and CBS radio.

    Sources told theGrapevine that it was a decision from above.

    Sources further disclosed that Mayiga issued a memo warning the Kingdom staff working under his leadership not to attend the ceremony.

    However, Mengo later explained that Mayiga was on the two weeks leave.

    Mayiga later rubbished allegation that there is a rift between him and Nagginda.

    Suprisingly, when Omuttaka Kasujju Lubinga denounced Nagginda’s twins that they are not among Kabaka Mutebi’s children, BBS TV and CBS radio carried it as a big story.

    Sources told this website that Nagginda was advised not to launch her book because her husband was not happy with some of the content in it but she defied the advice.

    Sources close to both camps have intimated to theGrapevine that the rift did not start this year but it has been brewing since Mayiga took a decision to appoint Dr. Prosperous Nakinddu Kavuma as the education minister and gave her a role to supervise the activities of the office of the Nnaabagereka something that Nagginda didn’t like since she wanted her office to be independent.

    The United Kingdom based African fusion band the Ganda Boys singers Denis Mugagga and Dan Sewagudde were also cited in the Nagginda, Mayiga fight.

    The singers wanted to meet Kabaka and to perform at his 68th birthday party but Mayiga set tough conditions for them and they decided to meet Nagginda.

    The rift deepened when Nagginda’s close friend, former Finance minister in President Museveni’s government Maria Kiwanuka was replaced with William Ssekabembe as the K2 telecom board chairperson.

    Highly placed sources told theGrapevine that Nagginda takes a lot of time without seeing Kabaka Mutebi who spends his time at his Banda palace.

    Nagginda’s palace is at Kireka and it is their matrimonial home.

    However, kingdom insiders told theGrapevine that elders from Buganda, Bishops from the Anglican Church and their family friends are trying all their level to make sure that their misunderstandings are settled.


    By Sengooba Alirabaki


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    From Witchcraft, Hiring Spies To Betrayal: How Managers Are Drowning Artists’ Careers After Split…



    Top from L-R: Music Promoters; MC Kats, Julius Kyazze, Abtex and Suudi Lukwago. Below L-R; Musicians Fille, Irene Ntale, Serena Bata and Henry Tigan

    Months back, renowned events’ organizer and promoter Abbey Musinguzi alias Abitex Promotions issued stringent restrictions ordering all media houses to refrain from playing all songs that Serena Bata recorded while under his management.

    The songs are; Bikalubye which she jointly recorded with Chris Evans; Single and It’s Okay; Rukundo, which she recorded and sung with Ray G, Ewange which she recorded and sung with Geosteady; Ebisenge which she recorded and sung with Peace Lalisa; Gwantama, which recorded and sung with Nina Rose; Ofunye omusoga, which she jointly sung with Yaled, and Omulala.

    Abtex said that the songs in question are all registered with Uganda Services Bureau as the property of Abbey Musinguzi aka Abtex Promotions and thus even forbid her from performing them.

    Abtex said: “Serena Bata is free to perform the songs she recorded with her old management, but is prohibited by law from performing any of the aforementioned songs. Any person who will breach this directive shall face the long arm of the law,”

    Musinguzi didn’t stop at that; he also hired spies who send him videos of Serena Bata’s performances at different events.

    Serena Bata backed by The Uganda Musicians Association and her attorneys KTA Advocates have since contested the restrictions imposed by Abitex and are ready to battle him head on for justice.

    However, a credible source to both parties explained to theGrapevine that Abtex does not own any intellectual property rights in singer Serena Bata’s songs. The source explained that the artist only gave his former management permission to use her works to promote her talent.

    Serena Bata also accuses Abitex of breaching their contract. She says he failed to pay her rent, took the car he had given her to ease her movements and stopped promoting his music.

    He also failed to make full payments as earlier agreed and also failed to declare the revenues from her record sales.

    Her accusations have given birth to a bitter fight with Abtex who says that the artist performed at less than 10 shows during his management and he even had to first plead with her to perform on some.

    Abtex stated that the house and car he had earlier given to Serena were not bought in her name but were only available if she worked in line with the terms and conditions of the contract.

    He said that he is going to give the fight his all so that he puts a stop to Serena’s fraud.

    A music manager from one re-known record label who prefers anonymity told theGrapevine that the issue of managers wanting to halt musicians’ careers to the extent of denying them performing rights starts with the contracts they sign.

    “It all depends on the contract they had at the beginning. Maybe he (Abtex) owned everything (according to the contract). So you can only speak out when you see what they signed together. It is because of such bad endings that we let artists first see their lawyers and go through the contract over and over so that they come back to sign after understanding every clause. People should also understand that each management has its own terms and the artists are suffering because they failed to understand that one man management is fading out. The world is evolving to record labels however big the artist is, he needs a big team,” he said

    Other musicians whose careers have been frustrated by former management include; Lydia Jasmine whose social media and first streaming channels were taken by her first manager producer Bushington.

    More than six years later, Irene Ntale is still cursing her former management Swangz Avenue. It is alleged that they frustrated her career by paying radio personalities not to play her songs. She even once alleged that her previous manager was bewitching her.

    Another artistes is Fille, the first time she chose to end things with first manager and baby Daddy MC Kats was the beginning of the end of her career.

    It is alleged MC Kats frustrated her to the extent of stopping her from performing, deleting her social media and promising to dissolve her career.

    Kats told Fille that he had made her the star she had become. Fille’s bitter sweet relationship with Kats gradually drowned her career and it’s really hard to trace her again.

    Till date, John Blaq is still figuring out how to attract a bigger following like he had got while he was under Blaq magic entertainment. After splitting from management, he was forced to start over but his career is not as fruitful as it was.

    During the early 2000s, Henry Tigan was a force to reckon with but after he fell out with Suudi Lukwago, his career took a bad twist. He alleged that Ssuudi used the media to tarnish his name.  It is said that Suudiman’s curse is still haunting Henry Tigan’s career to date.


    By Rahma Zawedde


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