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YOU ARE HEARTLESS, WE WISH THUNDER HITS YOU DEAD: Ugandans Bitter, NSSF Boss Refuses To Give Savers Their Money – We Won’t Give You A Single Coin Because Coronavirus Does Not Meet The Criteria…



National Social Security Fund (NSSF) Managing Director Richard Byarugaba has warned Ugandans who have been saving with the fund that they are not going to be given any money on their savings amidst the Coronavirus pandemic.

Ugandans led by people’s government president Kizza Besigye had proposed that NSSF should give each saver at least 20% of their savings in this time of need.

However, in a letter dated 24th March 2020, signed by the MD Byarugaba, the fund says that they have no legal basis upon which to make adhoc payment as being suggested much as they epathise with the fund members.

“NSSF is a social security scheme, created to provide a safety net for members in case of old age, permanent incapacitation, or for dependants in the event of death of death of a member. The current pandemic does not meet any of the above criteria,” Byarugaba says.

Below is his full letter:

Ugandans bitter with NSSF boss…

Sheilah Nyanzi: The law must live to serve us and not us. Parliament can legislate to facilitate release of our safety net…. we need an amendment already.

Okoth Geofrey: Unfortunately Byarugaba is locked in saving the government with members savings than the members themselves. What is the duty of Parliament, the laws can be passed in emergencies within days. Its hard to know who will save this country from the captors who can even own your pockets

Mwesigwa Enock: Mr. Byarugaba would you want 1.5m persons to die coz 19m don’t save with NSSF, i think that doesn’t hold water. Minus legal mandate which isn’t relaxed but which can be by parliament us members should see you act and give us confidence in times like these.

Kismo Dee Tu: I regret who proposed such a fraudulent project I wish thunder hits you. People are in pain in this touching moment and you just answer the owner of the money in such a bragging manner.

Oburu Moses: What is it so special about economy without humanity. You are better off saving economy and government using savers funds than helping save the lives of savers.

Bakyemire Myres: With due respect Mr. MD kindly rethink your position, Petition the Parliament of Uganda they will help you on the legal part of it. For your work is just to implement what they will have passed, it’s this time when you need to hear the Savers calls. Thank you

Jonathan A Twinamatsiko: The guidelines can be amended to accommodate this crisis, the same people who put them their, can change them. You guys need to be serious not to think of yourselves alone, while the people who make those saving are bad states, they are even losing there Jobs yet they have money saved but can’t access it, alternatively the President can issue and executive order in that effect.

Ainomugisha Deus Mugisha: Some of us we thought u safe guard our saving that in case of any calamity o danger that need assistance your their as NSSF,to help us now your here tell us how government is have borrowed bonds,pay us some portion please and the president should talk about it
Hide or report this.

Wafula Devincent: Very selfish minds they want to keep our money and use it for their benefits yet we’re suffering to death.

Masaba Kissa Robert: When a legitimate member wants you to pay him or her part of his or her savings during this trying moment, you start quoting the laws. But when someone, who is even a non NSSF member, wants some money to bribe his political opponents, you always available him our money without any hesitation , quoting laws or even consulting us the legitimate members. UGANDA ZABU!!!!!

Allan Kalungi: If we can’t access our money in such a crisis, then whats is the essence of saving! Something has to be done for us to access atleast 20% of our savings, they will make a difference. We have people to look after and prices have soared for basic necessities.

Mucunguzi Apollo: NSSF at the moment doesn’t have enough liquid cash to refund to it’s members (they have invested in other assets) so basing on the law they think it can shield them.
#No body cares about you, only your mum does.

Nshemereirwe Barons: The legality here doesn’t matter when people are dying,I have e seen many things happen outside the law here in Uganda and when it comes to issues affecting us,that’s when the law doesn’t allow.

Louis Tumusiime: The issue of 19m left out is not a point at all. Because that money is not going to be kept but spent and therefore the population would equally benefit from the purchasing power parity.

Asiimwe Shafick: You guys you need to be serious, thats why are saving forcefully without even accessing terms and conditions, may be we would have pointed out such issues before agreeing to what is to be saved with the fund. God be with us in this trying moment because even the Fund cant help us out!!

Habby Abdu: All I know is that NSSF doesn’t not have the Money to pay us right now because they have given the money to few Selected individuals to invest but the truth is that we need our Money at this time and how can you guarantee my social security if am lock up and without even food to feed those you claim in your articles like dependents ….You guys just need to style up….Nwiny cet ma rac…

Miwanda Kasanke Kulayisi: I didn’t know that Byarugaba has a permanent sit on the board of fools,!! How can you say that if u pay 15 millions members it will be discriminatory yet all 19 millions don’t remit the contributions to the fund. That point is unreasonable enough take it down.

Ezekiel Ruhinda: @nssfug there must be a big problem with your planning and social security responsibility team in your organization. This is a global pandemic disease that need sharp minds in all sectors. Right! Not saying the law doesn’t not allow and continue lamenting negatively with no solution to the general public especially saving group. NSSF Uganda Profit minded and profit making organization Wake Up!!


By Temuseewo Mpoza



You Can Quarrel But You Should Never Fight – Muhoozi Advises His Father Museveni And Kagame…



President Museveni’s son Lt. Gen. Muhoozi Kainerugaba who also doubles as his senior adviser on Special Operations has given him advice never to fight with his former bush war colleague, Rwandan President Paul Kagame.

In a post on his twitter page, Muhoozi told his boss that, “Brothers/Comrades and Revolutionaries can quarrel but they should never fight. We have come from very far. I wish His Excellency General Kagame and the people of Rwanda a solemn and respectful kwibuka.”

Muhoozi was wishing Rwandan president Paul Kagame and the people of Rwanda a respectful Kwibuka. Kwibuka means ‘to remember’ and describes the annual commemoration of the 1994 genocide against the Tutsi in Rwanda.

This year marks the 26th commemoration of the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi. Kwibuka26 provides an important opportunity to Remember and honour the over one million victims of the genocide, preserve its evidence and educate Rwandans about its history as well as the lessons that Rwanda has learned.


By Temuseewo Mpoza


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Lt. Col. Nakalema Directs Arrest of Asian Tycoon Abid Alam Over Rape, Torture Allegation In Mubende…



The State House Anti- corruption unit boss Lt. Col. Edith Nakalema has directed the Uganda Police Force to summon Indian Investor Abid Alam to Kasanda police station to record a statement on allegations of torture and rape.

According to credible sources at the Anti-corruption unit, Nakalema today morning talked to Maj. General Sabiiti Muzeeyi and asked him to intervene and assist a one Arthur Mugyenyi who accuses Alam’s workers of torturing his family members and raping his wife in presence of their children.

Sources further revealed that Mugyenyi with the help of their area Member of Parliament Simeo Nsubuga petitioned Nakalema’s anti-corruption unit claiming that they were not helped by the area police when Alam’s goons terrorised them. Last week, Nsubuga said that Alam sent 60 workers to Mugyenyi’s home with machetes and threatened to kill Mugyenyi and his family members.

He said Alam’s workers also cut down Mugyenyi’s banana plantation, destroyed his two houses, and took his 200 cows and 500 goats in a bid to evict him from his land.

Efforts to speak to Alam were futile since his known phone numbers were off.


By Sengooba Alirabaki


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VIDEO: Please Government Get Us Out Of China: We Are Being Tortured, Discriminated And Chased From Houses Already Four Of Our Colleagues Are Dead – Ugandans In China Cry Out….



Ugandans and Africans who have been plying their trade in China have cried to their governments to get them out of China.

According to a video from one of the Ugandans who is locked down in china, that was shared by Kampala Central legislator Mohammad Nsereko, they are being ejected from houses, denied access to health care and ejected from public transport and already 4 of their colleagues have died under unclear circumstances.

“The Chinese are discriminating us, when we enter their busses they all run out of the bus. These people are showing us their true colours, we are asking government to help. The Chinese should allow us to go home instead of forcefully arresting us and testing us,” he said.

He added, “We are being tortured, i call upon government to help us leave this country. Already four of our colleagues are dead. Let them allow us to go home. The landlords are chasing us from their houses and asking for a lot of money in rent yet we are not working. Everywhere we go we are being chased, we are now in hiding.”

Nsereko called upon government to immediately intervene and stop this alleged discrimination and inhuman treatment.

“I have received disturbing reports and videos of Ugandans and Africans in China being treated in a degrading manner. I have been informed that some have been ejected from houses, others denied access to health care and ejected from public transport. This is very unfortunate; we call upon the Ugandan government to intervene immediately in this matter.”


By Temuseewo Mpoza


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