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You Must Have Undergone A Brain Transplant Of Rolex Made Of 99% Rotten Eggs – Mao Blasts AG Over Electoral Reforms



Democratic Party (DP) President Norbert Mao has blasted the Attorney General Hon. William Byaruhanga over the Electoral reforms he tabled before parliament on Thursday.

Mao says that Byaruhanga must have undergone a brain transplant before tabling the Bills containing the so-called electoral reforms!

“I’m sorry to say that our otherwise brilliant Attorney General must have undergone a brain transplant before tabling the Bills containing the so-called electoral reforms! It is an omelette (rolex) made of 99% rotten eggs. Doesn’t address core demands for free and fair elections.”

The electoral reforms presented by Byaruhanga consolidate a resolution by the ruling NRM decision to bar candidates from running independent of their party after losing a primary.

The set of the five reforms have major focus on independent candidates and how they qualify to run for office as President, Member of Parliament (MP) or district leader.

The bills include the Presidential Elections Amendment Bill 2019, and the Parliamentary Elections Amendment Bill 2019.

Others include the Electoral Commission Amendment Bill 2019, the Political Parties and organizations’ Bill 2019, and the Local Governments Amendment Bill 2019.

Under the Political Parties and Organizations’ Bill, 2019, political parties are not allowed to have links with pressure groups.

The Bill also proposes that no candidate shall run independent of a party after participating in a party primary, yet at the same time, those elected as independents shall have a right to enter into alliance with any political party of their choice upon joining Parliament.

Below are some of the highlights from the bill:

1. Independent Presidential candidates from forming alliances with any registered political party.

2. Gov’t want’s Cameras & Phones not to be allowed in voting areas

3 . Allow EC to gazette restricted voting areas

4. Political parties shall not have any links to pressure groups.

5. To stand as an Independent, you must have ceased being a member of a political party for at least one year. The political party must consent to your leaving the party.

6. Political parties barred from having links with Pressure groups

7. Candidates barred from becoming independents after participating in a party primary

8. An ex-party member can run as independent one year after quitting their parties.

9. Declaration of results shall be made to five people

10. Upon election as independent, a member is free to ally with a party of their choice

11. Independent presidential candidates barred from any alliance with any political party.

12. Candidates must disclose funding sources within 14 days of nomination.

14. Security personnel (police and military) to be allowed to vote at least five days to polling.

By Doreen Menezer



Killing Innocent, Angry Citizens Will Only Increase Their Resolve To Remove This Government – Mabirizi Warns, Vows To Chase All Foreigners Once Elected As President….



Mabirizi (C) and People Power supporters Daniel Kyeyune (L) and Ritah Nabukenya (R) who were killed this week

Elton Joseph Mabirizi, who contested as a presidential candidate in the 2016 polls has vowed to chase foreigners in the country if elected as the next president of Uganda.

“Whenever you keep trying, you win. This season I have come back with a different ideology and if given a chance to be the next president, change will be created,” he said.

“The foreigners have occupied all the available vacancies in the country because Museveni fears them, they provide support to him, they act as the bosses to Museveni therefore he cannot deport them but if I become the next president, I will chase all of them,” Mabirizi vowed.

Mabirizi made these remarks at Speke hotel while unveiling the team that is going to lead his campaigns across the country in the coming polls. Mabirizi argued that many Ugandans especially the youths and women are unemployed because the jobs they are supposed to do are all being done by foreigners who disguise as investors.

He admitted that much as it will be a tough option, it is the only way the many unemployed Ugandans will get employment.

 However, when asked when his consultations will kick off, Mabirizi said that he will not engage in consultations because this is a process he did in 2016.

“I have been around doing several things. I have schools and companies I run. I am going to stand as a presidential candidate in 2021, but I want people to know that not everyone has to go for consultations. In 2016, I went through this exercise, I am not doing it again this year,” Mabirizi said.

Mabirizi wants to follow into the footsteps of former president Idi Amin Dada who in early August 1972, ordered the expulsion of Asians from the country after giving them a 90 days ultimatum.

On the current security situation in the country, Mabirizi condemned the act of killing innocent citizens saying that the killings will not threaten the angry Ugandans but rather increase on their bitterness to remove the people in power.

“If the citizens are angry over the current government, killing them will not solve anything but you only need to retire and give them what they need and deserve,” Mabirizi said.

Two people Power supporters have died mysteriously in the past three days. Ritah Nabukenya was allegedly knocked dead by a police patrol while Daniel Kyeyune was shot dead by security operatives last night.

By Josephine Kauma


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IT’S HIS TIME: Opposition Should Let Bobi Wine Lead Us In 2021 Presidential Race Even If Some Think They Are More Qualified Than Him: MP Sseggona Tells Opposition/DP Boss…



Bobi Wine with Ssegona

Busiro East Member of Parliament (MP) Hon. Medard Sseggona has urged the Democratic Party (DP)  president Norbert Mao to allow People Power’s Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu alias Bobi Wine to lead them in 2021 elections.

Sseggona said that opposition might be having a pool of capable leaders that can challenge for the country’s top office but they should not detach themselves from the reality that there is always that anointed person in every generation.

While appearing on a local TV, Sseggona said that all signs on the ground indicate that Hon Robert Kyagulanyi has the favors. The Counsel added that it is selfish for the opposition to go against Kyagulanyi when majority of the population have embraced the ideologies he stands for.

“Whether you think you are more qualified than Kyagulanyi, just be humble and accept it is his time to be the face of the opposition,” Sseggona said

On the claims that Kyagulanyi’s People Power is one of the root causes of the current troubles in Democratic Party (DP), Sseggona refuted the claims saying their party President Norbert Mao knows the real reasons why they are criticizing him. He said Mao should concentrate on addressing the issues rather than shifting blame.

“Mao should not accuse Kyagulanyi or tribalising our DP party because Kyagulanyi is concentrating on his business,” Sseggona said.

He further accused Mao of failing to expand the party expectations to other areas referring him to the late Idi Amin. “My expectations of Mao were that he was going to expand the part to other areas. He has had forces to deploy and he hasn’t, he is a bad commander like the way Amin was,” Ssegona said.

However in defense, Mao said that he is always accused by the gaseous DP members who fume when air blows.

“Those who accuse me are in gaseous form, they move with the direction of air but Solid members are silent and concentrating of how to rebuild the party structures,” Mao responded.

By Josephine Kauma


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Besigye’s People’s Government In Fear, Court Orders Them To Pay EC Bosses Byabakama And Rwakwojo Billions…



High Court Civil Division judge Musa Sekaana has dismissed with costs a suit filed by four-time presidential candidate Kizza Besigye’s People’s Government and city lawyer Male Mabirizi challenging the legality of Justice Simon Byabakama, the Electoral Commission Chairperson and Sam Rwakwojo, the secretary to the Electoral Commission.

In his judgement, Sekana said that the applicants filed their case out of time because the constitution gives any person who wants to complain against the appointment of the Electoral Commission’s boss 90 days after the appointment which they didn’t do.

The judge said that Byabakama was appointed in the office as the chairperson of the Electoral Commission in 2016 but the complainants only come to court in 2019. He further said that the applicants were supposed to run to court for judicial review instead of challenging the legality of the defendants in their respective offices.

The defendants hired a team of expensive lawyers to represent them; these include Kiryowa Kiwanuka from   Kiwanuka & Karugire Advocates, John Ntambirweki Kandebe from Ntambirweki Kandeebe & Company Advocates and lawyers from the electoral commission.

All the legal fees are to be footed by People’s government only because they are the ones who sued Byabakama and Rwokwojo in their personal capacity. Lawyer Male Mabirizi didn’t sue Byabakama and Rwokwojo in their personal capacity but he sued the Attorney General who is going to run after him for costs.  However, Mabirizi insisted that he didn’t agree with the judgement because the matter which was determined is not the one he ook to court.

“Sekana now has ruled on a case which is different from what I and Attorney General have been arguing out in court,” Mabirizi said. The applicants ran to court claiming that Byabakama accessed the Electoral Commission office without first resigning from the judiciary where he was a court of Appeal justice. They further insisted that even Rwokwojo’s term in office had expired.

By Jamil Lutakome


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